get out of bhang hangover home remedies cannabis climb on holi, so get rid of intoxication

It is common practice to get cannabis or to get cannabis on Holi. Some people use cannabis for self-pleasure, while some people get intoxicated (Unawares). Difficulty occurs when this intoxicated head speaks and the person does not remain in control. If there is someone in your house who can dissolve the color of cannabis on Holi, then you can try this homely way to get rid of its hangover.

Feed citrus fruits

To get rid of cannabis, first of all give the affected person to eat lemon. In the absence of lemon, you can also feed lemon pickle. Along with this, you can also take the help of citrus fruits like orange, tamarind, grapes and grapefruit.

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Drink sour beverages

If a person who is intoxicated of cannabis does not want to eat anything sour or it is difficult to feed him for any reason, then sour drinks can be taken for this. Drinks like lemon water, tamarind water, raw mango pan, curd and buttermilk can be given to that person.

Feed native ghee or white butter

You can use the help of native ghee or white butter to remove the hangover of cannabis. For this, two – two teaspoons of native ghee can be fed at intervals of few hours. Also, you can feed white butter for drug addiction in a similar way.

Drink coconut water

The help of coconut water can also be taken to remove the intoxication of cannabis. Coconut water contains plenty of antioxidants which help in reducing the intoxication.

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Feed ginger

You can also use ginger to remove the hangover of cannabis. Give a piece of ginger to the affected person to suck. This will reduce addiction gradually.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water to the person affected by the drug. If possible, you can use lukewarm water for this. Water will help detox the body.

Add mustard oil to the ear

If a person is highly intoxicated and he is not in a position to eat anything, then for this, lukewarm mustard oil and put two drops in his ear two to three times at intervals of few hours.

Take a bath with hot water

To get rid of cannabis, bathe the affected person with hot water. Doing this will help reduce the intoxication.(Disclaimer: this Article in Given Has gone Information And Notifications Normal Beliefs On Based on Huh. Not news18 Their Confirmation No Does is. In On Execution To do From first related specialist From contact Do the.)

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