Holi poems that have been coloring the hearts of people for centuries When the colors of the emotions of the mind started flying, then the poem started to color the words…

Holi Poetry: Holi is a celebration of the joy of the mind. Its hangar is such that it colors everyone in its own color, whether it is public, artist or poet. Poet and Poem has an unbreakable and unique relationship like this, which has been soaking the hearts of people with its color for centuries. The color of poetry on Holi has neither landed nor faded in any century. If lovers have been resorting to songs and poems to woo their beloved in this festival of colors, then the saints and worshipers can also color in the color of devotion to their adorable such that the color of the sentiments in their words has descended in the verses and verses. . Forget the beauty of body and mind, then his mind was filled with happiness in every season, every festival, and in the festival of colors, he also sang for his adorable love in the path of love, be it Surdas, Meera. Bai or Amir Khusro. You too can enjoy the poems and posts wet with colors of emotions with us in this year’s Holi.

Holi is unbreakable with Krishna Kanhaiya’s Braj, and the devotees absorbed in his devotion put the color of their love expressions on their adoration with footsteps and verses.How can the colors of Holi blossom in the 16th century Krishnabhakti without the written posts of Saint Surdas ji on Holi without his worship

Chirajiyo Hori to Rasiya Chirajiyo.
Just as Suraj Chandra has risen, so in the Braj you basiyya chirjiyo.

Surdas Prabhu Tihare Milan, Peet Pichori Kati Kasiya Chirajiyo.

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If there is no talk of Meerabai in devotion to Krishna, then every color looks like a fade. She was such a complexion in the color of Krishna that she was sitting on her own.

Hori play Naku came to Radha Pyar Haathi Pichkari.
How many years Kunwar Kanhaiya, how many years Radhe Pyari.
Seven years old Kunwar Kanhaiya Bara Barski Radhe Pyari.
Holding my finger, I grabbed my pocho and grabbed my left hand.
Meera says Lord Giridhar Nagar, you win, we lost.
Raag hori sindura
Four Holi games are forbidden on the day of Fagun.
Bin kartal pakhavaj bajai anhadki jhankar re
Bin Sur Raag Chhatisun Gavai Rome Rome Rankar Ray.
Seal Santokhki Kesar Gholi Prem Preet Pitchakar Ray.
Udat Gulal Lal Bhayo Ambar, rain colored immense ray.
All the layers have been opened by reducing the local population.
Meerake Prabhu Girdhar Nagar Charanakanwal Balihar Ray.

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Chandrasakhi was a Krishna devotee poet of the medieval period. Like Mira, he was relieved of worldly bondage and took refuge in Shri Krishna and through his poetry, he became colored in the color of devotion. With Krishna he played Holi with his compositions.

Hori Baba Nand’s door has come, Horibaba Nand’s door has come Hori. Ka Mana Lal Gulal floated; Ka cart Kesar Ghori. Kanak Pichkari, Mansukh Hath Rang Pori. Kanwar Kanhaiya of Kaara Baras, Kanwar Kanhaiya of Kaara Baras Radha Gorisat Bars, Radha Ghori of five years. Gutuvan Keech Bhai in the courtyard, playing Rang Jori Jorichandrasakhi Bhaju Balakrishna image Baba Nand standing pori.

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In love, Syed Ibrahim alias Raskhan had made Vrindavan and Mathura his home. His compositions are considered by many critics and scholars to be equal to the works of Surdas. He has colored Holi with Krishna with his savaiya and poetry.


Fagun Lagyo is the Brajmandal Dhoom Machu when he is there.
No one can save you from hell, all the time love is good.
In the evening, the same Raskhani tunnel Gulal is playing.
Who is not a bachelor, who is a child, who is a child.


I play with Hori Brajgori or Kisori.
Ang Ang Angni Anang Sarkai Gau.
Kunkum ki maa pa pa rangi udti udha,
Bukka and Gulal Lal Lal Barsaigou.
Chhodha pithakarin vaparin bigoi chhodai,
The gold-necklace edge color is Tarasai Gow.
Rasik Salono Rizhwar Raskhani Azu,
Fagun main ogun many darsai cow.

At the end of the ritual, Krishna’s love of Nazir Akbarabadi, who was called the father of Nazm, was presenting examples. The poetry composed in his Krishna devotion was compared to Rasakhan.

When played Holi Nand Lalan Hans Hans in Nandgaon Basayan.
Male woman rejoice in the happiness of Chhori Chhaiyan.
There were some crowds, some people in the stilted attire in those streets.
A pleasant blink is on every side in some quarters.
Duff Baje, raga and rang were done, in the blink of Holi Khelan.
In the shadow of Gulshor Gulal and Dhoom Kadam.

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Abul Hasan Yameenuddin Khusro, who was popularly known as Amir Khusro among the common people. He was a Sufi singer, poet and mystic. In the pride of his spiritual teacher Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi, he also performed his worship in Sufi colors on Holi.

Play dazzle with hazrat khwaja
Play Dhamaal with Hazrat Khwaja,
Twenty twenty khwaja mil bana bana aao
Hazrat Rasul Sahab Jamal
Hazrat Khwaja Sang …
Arab dude, celebrate your (zucchini) spring,
Always keep Lal Gulal.
Play dhama with Hazrat Khwaja.

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