Plans to evacuate ship trapped in Suez Canal using sea waves | plans-to-evacuate-ship-stuck-in-suez-canal-with-the-help-of-high-sea-waves nodtg

Photo hundred  (AP)

Photo hundred (AP)

Japanese company Shoi Kisen Keke’s ‘The Ever Given’ stranded in the Suez Canal will attempt to evacuate the ship with the help of Sea Waves.

Suez The company of the giant ship stranded in the Suez Canal has said that with the help of high waves rising in the sea on Saturday, an attempt will be made to evacuate the ship. Japanese company Shoi Kisen KK’s ‘The Ever Given’ ship got stuck in a canal near the city of Suez on Tuesday, disrupting traffic. This waterway is important for global transport.

Yukito Higaki, president of Shoi Kisen, said at a press conference on Friday night that when high waves begin to rise, an effort will be made to evacuate the ship with the help of boats and crews. He said, “We apologize for blocking the traffic and causing a lot of trouble.”

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Shoi Kisen said in a statement on Saturday that the company has considered removing its containers to reduce the weight of the ship, but it is a very difficult operation. The company said that it could consider this option if attempts to take the ship out failed.

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