Samsung and MasterCard’s unique initiative will be fingerprint scanner on debit and credit cards

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Samsung and MasterCard have signed an MoU. This will help both companies to launch a payment card with fingerprint scanner.

new Delhi. Nowadays the trend of Debit / Credit Card (Debit / Credit Card) is increasing. As you know, card payment is quite easy. But many times think that if the card is stolen or someone gets to know the PIN, then the chances of getting fraud are increased. But now paying with debit and credit card (Debit / Credit Card) will be more secure as your card will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Agreement between Samsung Electronics and MasterCard
For this, South Korean giants Samsung Electronics (Samsung) and global payment giant MasterCard have signed a MoU. This will help both companies to launch a payment card with fingerprint scanner.

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When you go to any POS and make your payment, you will not need to enter your card PIN. Now you can complete the payment by fingerprint authentication of the card. According to the report, cards with fingerprint scanners will be fitted with a new security chipset that will make the Samsung system LSI business.

Fingerprint authentication required to use
One of the advantages of this is that anyone who knows the PIN of the card in a house can shop wherever he wants. But after the arrival of this card, you will not be able to use your father’s card also, because to use this card, fingerprint authentication will be required.

First to be launched in South Korea
This card technology is not new. MasterCard had demoed it in 2017 with its biometric card but could not become popular on a large scale. At present, the company has a deal with Samsung. For this, Samsung’s technology will be used. This biometric card will be first launched in South Korea.

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