Undhiyu a tradition of taste and health viv

(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

We have discussed about many Dishes of Gujarat. Whenever the name of Gujarati food comes, a little sweetness dissolves in the mind. But, the food that I am going to talk about today is absolutely choppy. The special thing is that in addition to being peppery, the graph of both taste and health is very high. Yes, today we are going to discuss about undhiyu or undhiyu. It is a traditional Gujarati vegetable.

The story starts with the name:So as I have already said that this is pure Gujarati food. It is a pure vegetarian food which is so delicious that it attracts even the amateurs who eat meat. However, it is a vegetable that takes a lot of time to make. Yet this is the pride of Gujarati restaurants and homes. In fact, the name Undhiya is derived from the Gujarati undergrowth which means reverse.

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The tradition is very special:Actually, it is cooked in a traditional way in an earthen pot named ‘Mati nu Matlu’. To cook it, it is dug in the ground and cooked in it in a low flame. However, the pot of Mati is sealed well and kept upside down. It cooks for a long time on low flame. This is the reason why it has an aroma, its aromas spread out differently. However, by changing this difficult process a little bit, now people use pressure cookers.

The king of winter is:

It is made mostly in winter. The reason for this is that the vegetables used in it are available only in winter. It is made and eaten in Gujarati houses on many special occasions. In this, fenugreek seeds, potato, raw banana, brinjal, papdi, suran (kachu), yam, green rice and peas etc. are put. Although these are available all year round, but their taste and quality is not like that of winter.


You must have guessed the taste, but with so many seasonal vegetables, its nutritional value also becomes amazing. It contains energy, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and sodium. Also, eating it in the winter can save you from the weather. Absolutely basic spices are added to it. Therefore, it is very good for the stomach. It can be eaten with both puri or rice-dal.

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