Choti Holi Holika Dahan And Holi 2021 Wishes Quotes Images- Whatsapp on Holika Dahan, Send these Wishes, Messages to your loved ones on Facebook

Choti Holi Holika Dahan And Holi 2021 Wishes Quotes Images-There will be Holika Dahan tonight. This festival is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. In the evening, people worship Holika Maa and at night Holika is lit. According to beliefs, in the holy fire of Holika, all kinds of evil and negative energy are consumed by burning. Holika Dahan is also called Chhoti Holi in Hinduism. Today, even after Holika Dahan, some people celebrate each other by putting Abir and Gulal on each other.

Even though Holika Dahan is scared this time due to coronavirus in the minds of people, but seeing the enthusiasm with which people are exchanging the wishes of little Holi on social media, it seems that Holi Positivity and goodness are heavy on the occasion of evil or any kind of fear. If you also want to wish Holi to your friends through social media, then on the special occasion of Chhoti Holi i.e. Holika Dahan, Holi WhatsApp Group, Facebook Status, Insta Story (Holi WhatsApp Group, Holi Facebook Status, Holi) with your friends and relatives Insta Story).

1. With Holika Dahan, all your sufferings are destroyed,
Best wishes to all the people of Holika Dahan. Happy Holika Dahan 2021

2. Burn all the sorrows with Holika,
Celebrate the festival of colors, with renewed joy and new joy…
Happy Chhoti Holi 2021

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3. Good has won, lost today is evil,
Look, today is the auspicious moment of Holika Dahan.
Happy Chhoti Holi 2021

4. bid you stay sweet-sweet
Happiness is happiness, your bag
Happy little holi from my side
Happy Holika Dahan 2021

5. The way Holika
Was burnt to ashes,
In the same way you disappear
All your sufferings and sins,
Happy Holika Dahan 2021

6. The festival of colors has come
Brought your happiness with
Do not give any color before you
So this color of good wishes
We are the first to send
Happy Chhoti Holi 2021

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