In need of time, celebrate eco-friendly Holi ways to celebrate eco friendly holi

Eco Friendly Holi: You can also enjoy playing Holi with organic and natural colors.

Eco Friendly Holi: You can also enjoy playing Holi with organic and natural colors.

Eco Friendly Holi 2021 Tips- With Pandemic and Climate Change Crisis, time is needed to celebrate Eco-Friendly Holi for protection of environment and conservation of water.

Eco Friendly Holi 2021 Tips- The festival of Holi holds immense importance and relevance in India. This festival of colors mingles the delicious gujias and the coolness of cannabis, it is also a sign of the arrival of spring and a symbol of the victory of good over evil. Join this vibrant festival celebrated with great curiosity and zeal. People come to India. It is a way of socializing, partying, laughing, dancing, drinking and sweets and sharing lots of joy and love. However, the more we like to delve into the traditions of Holi, the more important it is. It is our responsibility not to forget to keep our planet Earth green and healthy, because it is our responsibility to take care of it as responsible citizens, so this year we have to face the problem of Pandemic and Climate Change Crisis. In order to protect the environment, you should continue to try to celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly manner and to reduce the damage to the environment. Can play eco friendly holi

Use of organic dyes:

Use natural and organic colors to play Holi. With this, you can avoid buying artificial colors from the market and instead you can make the colors yourself at home. For this, you can use natural ingredients such as turmeric powder, sandalwood, rosemary, etc. which are easily available at home. They will not harm your skin and environment.

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Avoid the use of plastic balloons, they are harmful to the health of the environment. Filling of balloons also means wastage of water, throwing balloons can also cause injury to someone. Enjoy Safe and Happy Holi without harming anyone.

Do not play Holi with water:

Avoid using squatchers or any water gun. This only increases more pollution, water wastage and more plastic in the environment. You can only enjoy playing dry Holi with organic and natural colors, believe it there will be no loss in the happiness of Holi.

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Use flowers for interior decoration:

On the festival of Holi, instead of plastic flowers for indoor decoration, use organic flowers. With these flowers, you can decorate the house by making rangoli designs anywhere on the floor in the house. You can use natural, herbal colors as well as flowers to play the Holi.

Eco-friendly items for Holika Dahan

Use eco-friendly items to burn Holi i.e. Holika Dahan. In Holika Dahan, make sure that you put only eco-friendly things and not plastic. You can use things like cow dung, coconut shells. With this you will be able to keep the traditions alive without harming the environment.Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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