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Kaka Hathrasi Poems: We Indians are wonderful people. If the misery is not less than the efforts, then make the memes and lighten it. Sometimes, you laugh such things where seriousness or action oriented approach is required. Now call it good or bad, but it is so. And at the moment the opportunity is such that laughed and laughed … make gujhiyas, eat and feed. Now since this is the Holi Special Podcast of News18 Hindi, I have brought for you today the cool poems of the famous comic poet Kaka Hathrasi. These poems, immersed in humor, will make your Holi colors shine … how and where did Kaka Hathrasi bring these angles …

Her poetry feminine-masculine

Thakur Thara Sing said to Kaka,

The beard is feminine, the blouse is masculine.

The blouse is a masculine, has made a terrible mistake,

Men have put a turban on their heads.

Say Kaka khuti khoti khim khoti khoti,

Misrani’s pair, Missra ji’s top.

The bride is adorned with vermilion,

Rolled allot to the bridegroom’s tilak.

Rolled allot, tops, locket, gloves

Challa, nettle, necklace, names are all masculine.

Wear educated or illiterate ladies

Feminine chain hanging necklaces.

Catch the ear in front of Lali Ji,

Their house is Pulling, a woman’s shop.

Female shop, who sorted all the names

There are mascara, powder, pulsing nose forks.

Saying, Kaka poet, the blessed Creator, do not know the difference

Men got a mustache, but the name is Zanana.

Hundreds of examples like this,

Kaka Ji’s mother, Kaka’s mother-in-law.

Kaka’s in-laws, save Krishnamurari,

Seeing their cylinders, the trembling stick is ours.

How can you win a fight with them

Their tongs are stronger with their tweezers.

Minister, Orange, MLA, all words are masculine

So why is the Indian government again feminine?

Why is it feminine, I do not understand

Ninety percent of men, but called Parliament.

Kaka climbed into a bus from a male to a female,

The conductor said a ride has come.

Kaka Hathrasi’s real name was Prabhu Lal Garg, but when he started being known as Kaka Hathrasi, a funny story is told behind it. It is said that he used to do plays in the name of ‘Kaka’, which was quite liked. Just in the meantime, he also added Kaka’s name to his writing. Since he was from Hathras, Hathrasi also joined. And he came to be known as Kaka Hathrasi.

His second poem is – Maya of Tond

Due to food and drink, the goal was rounded

Patients eat medicine, eat laddus

Eat laddus, kill

High bribe account, high official niche

Grandfather type student, eat masters head

Writer’s royalty, clever publisher accounts

Darp khaya to man, khaya snake to peacock

Eating of air jail, killer-robber-thief

Killer-robber-thief, eat black corrupt

Bank-Bauhre-Vaniq, Agreed to eat interest

Poor-sad-weak, poor eat gum

Unscrupulous swear in court

Mother-in-law eating mother-in-law, cow eating grass

Chanted Hajj, ate nine hundred rats

Eat nine hundred rats, kill criminals

Eat the beat of the beaten-up Kotwal

Prodigal children, slapping of children

Fake Majnu in tampering, eating slippers

Surdas ji on the way, stumbled and collided

In front of Rajiv ji, the minister was shocked,

Ministers circumnavigate, bring tickets through gimmicks,

If you lose in the election, then eat your mouth,

Brother-in-law sees abuse of sister-in-law

The quarrelsome housewife eating her husband’s ear

Devotees go to temple, eat Prabhu Prasad

Taste the chewing gourd after eating a chicken

Taste of chewing gourd, Daye saheb Permission

Engineer Ji Khain commissioned from the contractor

Inexperienced person stumbles rate

Children reprimand, eat as they grow old

Eat Dadda in dowry, two number notes

Heres crazy nuts, Pandits lick Hont

Pandit Chats Hont, Leaders eat votes

Earnings profit high, low ration seller

Aunty went to McKay, rammed into the train

Raw self-made and eaten raw

Kaka Hathrasi was awarded the Padma Shri in 1985 on behalf of the Government of India, through his poems, hitting the system, sarcastically on social behavior and habits. Born on 18 September 1906, Kaka Hathrasi left the world on 18 September 1985. They leave us with tickling poems…

His next poem will still be called Monju …


God of people, now open eyes

Life has been ruined due to inflation

Junk life, please take the news soon

Brinjal-potatoes are being sold at Kalakand

Say ‘Kaka’ poet, children craving milk and curd

Eight rupees worth of tomatoes, that too raw

At the ration shop, see fierce rage

Balvir reached by pushing in ‘Q’

Balveer reached, took number first

Standless, old, children, women

Where is ‘Kaka’ poet, closed thorn of Dharam

Lala said – Run, finished dough

On behalf of the News 18 Hindi family, wish you all a very Happy Holi. I will meet Pooja Prasad soon with a new creator, goodbye till then.

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