‘New agricultural laws must be implemented to double farmers’ income’

new Delhi. NITI Aayog (Niti Aayog) Member of Ramesh Chand said that if all three new agricultural laws (New Farm Laws) If the implementation of this is not done soon, the target of doubling the income of farmers by 2022 will not be achieved. He said that the farmer unions (Farmer Unions) The government should accept the offer of consultation on these laws on a stream-by-section basis. NITI Aayog member (Agriculture) Chand said in an interview to PTI-language that complete ban on gene cultivated crops would not be the right approach.

Farmers unions on the border of Delhi have been opposing these new agricultural laws for the last four months. There have been 11 rounds of talks between the government and the unions about these laws. The last round of talks was held on 22 January. Tractor rally of farmers on 26 January (Tractor Rally) The conversation was broken after the violence in. Farmers say that these laws will end the procurement of crops at minimum support price (MSP) by the states.

Chand said, “Only by giving something and taking something, it can get out. If you stick to your demand, then it will be difficult to find out any desired path forward. ”NITI Aayog member – Agriculture said that the government has given a strong alternative to the farmers leaders. It is an option to stop these laws for a year and a half.

Chand said that the government is ready to consider these laws section-by-section with the farmers. Farmer leaders should consider this offer. He said, “There is plenty of time to think coolly and in a balanced way.” The initial process can be emotional or under some pressure, but I think now everyone will consider it with a cool head. “Chand said,” Farmer leaders should give their feedback. They should demand a change where they feel that it is against their interest. ”He said that the agitating farmers should keep their points open. Otherwise their silence will go against them. Chand said, “This image is being formed in the society that this movement has become political. In such a situation, farmers should study in detail. They should tell that such a provision is against us.

In response to a question, Chand said that any reform in democracy is difficult. This is even more difficult in India. Here politics has reached such a point in which the opposition, whatever it may be, opposes any decision of the ruling party.

Asked whether the government is still confident of doubling the income of farmers by 2022, Chand said that these three agricultural laws are very important from the point of view of achieving these goals. He said, “I would say that if these three agricultural laws are not implemented immediately, then this target will not be achieved.” The Supreme Court has also stopped the enforcement of these laws for the time being. Other reforms already underway have also stalled. ”

The Supreme Court had on January 11 stayed the implementation of these laws till further orders. The court has also formed a four-member committee to remove the deadlock in this case. On gene cultivated crops, Chand said that the government should consider it case-by-case. “Our idea should not be to support gene-promoted crops everywhere or to oppose them everywhere.”

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