Nora Fatehi wreaks havoc in gown, photos and videos go viral

Nora Fatehi (Photo courtesy: Instagram / norafatehi)

Nora Fatehi (Photo courtesy: Instagram / norafatehi)

Recently Nora Fatehi came to attend an award show wearing a gray gown. Everyone’s eyes were on Nora. She looked so beautiful that it was difficult for anyone to ignore her.

Mumbai Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi captures everyone with her personality. She is known worldwide for her excellent dance (Nora Fatehi Video). Apart from this, his glamorous style is also very pleasing to the people. She has often shared more than one photo video on her social media. Recently, a video and some of her photos have become a topic of discussion, in which the actress is seen wearing a gown (Nora Fatehi Photos). She is pouring lightning on the hearts of fans with her glamorous style.

Nora is also known for her fashion hobbies. She is seen more in Western dress. Recently Nora wore a gray color Thai slit gown to attend an award function, in which she is looking very beautiful.

Nora wearing this gown has shared her photos and videos on social media. Nora’s killer style has emerged in these pictures and videos. Talking of work, Nora’s previous video album ‘Chhote Dege’ was quite a hit. Talking of films, Nora will be seen in the film ‘Bhuj the Pride of India’, to be released this year. In this, she will appear in the role of a detective.

(Photo courtesy Instagram / norafatehi)

Nora is famous worldwide for her dance. She came to India from Morocco, after which she made a place in Bollywood on her own and achieved success. In childhood, Nora was forbidden to dance and she was beaten by her mother for dancing, but Nora did not give up her dream of becoming a dancer and today she is one of the best dancers in India.

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