VIRAL VIDEO: Neha Kakkar performed tremendous dance on Bhai Tony’s song, Rohanpreet also did a dance

(Photo courtesy Instagram / Tony Kakkar)

(Photo courtesy Instagram / Tony Kakkar)

Neha Kakkar’s fun-loving dance fans are enjoying the song of their brother Tony Kakkar (Tony Kakkar). Neha’s fans are very fond of the video (Neha Kakkar Dance).

New Delhi Bollywood celebrities along with ordinary people are immersed in Holi celebrations (Bollywood Holi 2021). The movement due to Coronavirus is not that much, but it has not reduced the fun of the people. People are enjoying Holi in their own way. Neha Kakkar and her family did something similar. Neha Kakkar’s brother Tony Kakkar shared a video on his Instagram, in which his entire family, including Neha Kakkar, is seen dancing like crazy.

In the video, Neha Kakkar is seen dancing on the couch, while her husband Rohanpreet Singh (Rohanpreet Singh) is doing Gidda nearby. This video is quite funny. At the same time, in this video you can see Tony Kakkar doing a strange dance on the dining table. Apart from these, three more people are seen in the video, who may be cousins ​​of Neha and Tony. Everyone is dancing to Tony Kakkar’s song ‘Tera Suit’, which was filmed on Ali Goni and Jasmin Bhasin.

Neha Kakkar’s fun-filled dance is very much liked by her fans. The fans of Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar are fiercely liking and commenting on their videos. At the same time, Neha has wished Holi to her fans with her Instagram. Neha Kakkar is seen with her whole family in this video. In the video, Neha is saying- Happy Holi on behalf of our entire family. After this, a song of Neha plays and they are shown eating something. Neha says she eats – I have become fat after eating, but do not mind if Nehu is Holi…

After marriage, Neha is celebrating her first Holi with Rohanpreet. He has written in the caption of the video- Like our family, Happy Holi to your family. Be happy Share the love… This video is also very pleasing to the fans of Neha Kakkar.

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