पीयूष गोयल Indian Railways is property of Nationa & People Says Piyush Goyal in Kharagpur

Piyush Goyal addressing a public meeting in Kharagpur, West Bengal.  (ANI Tweet / 30 March 2021)

Piyush Goyal addressing a public meeting in Kharagpur, West Bengal. (ANI Tweet / 30 March 2021)

Indian Railways Privatization: Piyush Goyal said, “Railways will never be privatized. Do not get caught in the propaganda of the opposition. It is your property and will remain yours.”

Makolkata. Railway Minister and BJP leader Piyush Goyal (Piyush Goyal) Assured on Tuesday that the Indian Railways (Indian Railways) Will never be privatized. Along with this, he appreciated the people involved in the work of track man, maintenance and singling in the reduction of railway accident. Addressing a public meeting in Kharagpur in West Bengal, the Union Minister said, “I assure you that Indian Railways is the property of the nation and its people. No one can touch it and it will never be privatized. Opposition’s propaganda Don’t get caught in it. This is your property and will remain yours. “

The Railway Minister praised the railway staff for the reduction in railway accident and said, “All these efforts of our track man, maintenance and people of Singnling, not a single passenger has died in Indian Railways in the last 2 years due to railway accident. is.” The Union Minister also mentioned about the freight carried by the rail during the Corona epidemic. He said, “All of you can be proud that despite Kovid, we made history in 2020-21. In our history of 168 years of railway, if the freight car has carried the most cargo, then this Kovid carried it in the year is.”

It is worth noting that the Railways has been successful in increasing the income from freight traffic by Rs. While this is just a two percent increase, it has helped a lot in recovering from the problem of lockdown implemented due to the corona virus.

As far as the income from railway passenger is concerned, in the last financial year (20019-20) it was Rs 53,525.57 crore, which has come down to 15,507.68 crore in the current financial year (2020-21). This is 71.03 percent less than the previous year. According to the data, from April 2020 to February 2021, passenger fares received 12,409.49 crores revenue, compared to Rs 48,809.40 crores in the same period last year. Despite the passenger movement, the railways started transporting migrant laborers to their homes. Between May 1 and August 30, the Railways operated 4000 laborers special trains and transported about 63.15 lakh laborers from 23 states to their destinations.

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