6 tips for thin hair problem

If your hair is thin then use less viscous hair oil.  Image / shutterstock

If your hair is thin then use less viscous hair oil. Image / shutterstock

Nowadays people are struggling with hair loss problem, while thin hair problem is also two-four. In such a situation, your hair needs more care.

Everyone wants his hair to be thick and shiny, but nowadays people are struggling with many hair-related problems. Today, there are two to four people with hair loss problem, while the problem of thin hair is also in front. Actually, there can be many reasons for this. While our food and drinks have an effect on the hair, due to not being able to take care of them properly, the hair also starts thinning. At the same time, due to having thin hair, no hairstyle is also seen. If you are also troubled by the problem of thinning hair, then some remedies can help you-

Amla and lemon will do wonders
Amla juice thickens hair and makes it thick. If you also want to keep your hair thick and black, then mix Amla and Lemon juice in your hair some time before bathing daily.

Apply less sticky hair oilIf your hair is thin then you should use light and less sticky hair oil. You can apply coconut oil or rosemary oil to your hair. The hair will not cling to it and it will strengthen with shine.

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Onion juice will strengthen
Many times the hair is thin and lifeless can also be seen. For this, apply onion juice to your hair about two to three times a week. This will give shine to the hair and it will not remain lifeless.

Don’t pull hair
If you are used to pulling and tying your hair, then change it. While making the braid or ponytail, tie your hair lightly and without pulling it. Otherwise your hair will break and weaken.

Choose the right shampoo
First, consider whether your shampoo is good for your hair. In such a situation, choose a shampoo that is better for your hair. For this, you can get a good brand shampoo according to your hair from the market.

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Do not comb in wet hair
Comb your hair with a comb with thick teeth. This will not break hair and become thinner. Do not comb your wet hair. Also let your hair dry naturally. Do not use the dryer frequently. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them)

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