Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol celebrate first Holi with son Veer, watch VIDEO

First Holi of Veer, son of Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol.  (Photo courtesy: rjanmol27 / Iinstagram)

First Holi of Veer, son of Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol. (Photo courtesy: rjanmol27 / Iinstagram)

Amrita Rao and Rj Anmol celebrated their first Holi with their son Veer. Anmol has shared a video of the dishes prepared on the occasion of Holi.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Amrita Rao and Rj Anmol became parents on 1 November last year. The actress gave birth to a loving son, since the birth of the child, both of them keep posting something on social media continuously. This first Holi is celebrated with Amrita Rao and Anmol’s son Veer. Posting the video, he congratulated his fans for the festival.

RJ Anmol has shared a video on his Instagram account. It is evident from this video that Amrita Rao and RJ celebrated Holi with great simplicity. No one is seen in the video, only the colors of Holi with Golgappa, Gujhiya, Jalebi, Thandai can be seen. With this video, Anmol has written in the caption ‘Veer ki mahaali holi’. In this video, Amitabh Bachchan’s evergreen film Holi song ‘Rang Barse’ is heard ringing in the background. Fans are also liking this family on this video, wishing Holi.

Even before this, RJ Anmol shared a photo of Amrita Rao’s son Veer getting breastfeed. In this photo, Amrita is feeding her baby sitting on her back. Clicking and sharing this photo, RJ also wrote a very emotional post. ‘Seeing Amrita feed Veer is the most beautiful scene for me every day. It is very magical. This is the most difficult duty. It smiles happily all night, all day. There is a different bond between mother and child. I salute you, I salute my mother and I salute every mother on this earth. For this, there is no need to wait for Mother’s Day.

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