Grow brinjal in pot, tips and care

Some people are very fond of gardening. In such a situation, they not only like to plant flower plants in their homes, but also grow many types of vegetables. Vegetables grown at home are not only good for health, but they also look more tasty. With this, one gets rid of the daily problem of ordering vegetables from the market, then at the same time the hobby of gardening is also fulfilled. Apart from this, the green atmosphere created in the house is different. Brinjal is also a favorite vegetable of the people. If it is grown at home, then what to say. Let us know how you can easily grow it in a pot

Take a big size flowerpot
You can easily grow brinjal in a pot. For this, a big flowerpot should be taken. It does not require much things to grow, just seeds, manure, soil and water are required. But the brinjal plant needs more care. The reason for this is that it gets insects quickly. Therefore it is important to protect it. For this, spraying of insecticides should be done on it.

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For making brinjals grow well, take a good variety of seeds. You can easily take it from any good seed store. After this, add fresh soil in your pot. After this, definitely show the pot to the sun for a while.

Compost manure will be good
Keep in mind that you should use compost manure instead of chemical fertilizer for your plants. Compost manure is best for plants, as it is full of nutrients.

Plant seeds like this
When the soil is put in the pot and mix the fertilizer in it, then plant seeds at a depth of about four inches. This will allow the seeds to flourish well. At the same time, the root will remain strong.

Do not keep in strong sunlight
After planting the seed, do not keep the pot in the sun for a long time. Plants cannot tolerate such strong sunlight and can cause damage. So put the pot in the shade of a tree, so that it gets less sunlight.

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Do not let the grass freeze in the pot
In the pot, many other types of grass or weeds start coming out along with the plant. Clean it from time to time. This will make your plant grow well and quickly.

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