Indian crew members of the ship can become scapegoats? Legal action can be taken against all

(Suez Canal Authority via AP)

(Suez Canal Authority via AP)

The giant cargo vessel stranded in the Suez Canal for nearly a week was finally evacuated on Monday.

Egypt The container ship ‘Ever Given’ got stranded in the Suez Canal, but now India’s concerns have increased. The next big concern for India is what action can the Suez Canal Authority take against 25 crew members. The report quoted sources as saying that they could be kept under house arrest until the investigation into the cause of the accident was completed. The ship management, however, did not mention anything about the legal procedures the crew went through. A senior person associated with the shipping industry told that ‘the crew will be made a scapegoat.’

Captain Sanjay Prahar, a member of the National Shipping Board (NSB), said, ‘First of all, we have to find out how the giant ship was trapped. By checking and listening to the conversation in the ship’s data recorder, facts can be checked and one can understand what is causing the accident. ‘

Waterway open after cargo vessel stranded in Suez Canal
Billions of dollars were lost every day in maritime transport due to stranding of the vessel. Several ‘tugboats’ were used to evacuate the vessel called ‘Ever Given’ stuck on the sandy shore where it was stranded since 23 March. The ‘Boskalis’ company was enlisted to remove the vessel. Company CEO Peter Bardosky said,’ We took it out. I am happy to state that our team of experts, with the help of the Suez Canal Authority, has successfully managed to successfully bring the Ever Given back into the middle of the water. After this the traffic in the Suez Canal was restored.

The ship got stuck due to the jam

Lt. General Osama Rabei, the head of the Suez Canal Authority, said that traffic was restored at 6 pm local time in the canal. He said that first of all, ships carrying animals were allowed to go. Container-laden ships stuck on the coast of Suez City were seen moving into the Red Sea. Rabei said that by Tuesday morning, 113 of the 420 ships that had been stuck due to Anwar giveaways would be fired. Analysts believe that it may take 10 days to remove all the stopped vessels.

Explain that a huge container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal of Egypt. This container is considered to be one of the largest cargo container ships in the world. The ‘MV Ever Gevan’ Panama-flagged container ship that runs between Asia and Europe was caught on Tuesday in a narrow waterway that divides continental Africa from the Sinai Peninsula. (With language input)

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