The dictatorship crossed the limits of brutality, the army killed 114 civilians in one day, the army chief was having a superb dinner Myanmar army killed 114 civilians in a single day

  Min ang hlang (file photo)

Min ang hlang (file photo)

In Myanmar, dictatorship is at the height of brutality. On one hand, while the army there is openly killing the people opposing the dictatorship on the streets, on the other hand, the chief of the army is having a dinner party.

Yangon In Myanmar, military dictatorship is at the height of brutality. On one hand, while the army there is openly killing the people opposing the dictatorship on the streets, on the other hand, the head of the army, Min Aung Hlang, is having a fabulous dinner party. Thousands of people are rushing to the borders of Thailand to save their lives as a result of the brutality of the Myanmar army. This action of the Myanmar Army is being widely condemned.

On the other hand, in pictures posted on social media, Heilong Bo is seen walking on the red carpet dressed in a tie and wearing a white, medallion jacket to greet the people present at the dinner. In another picture, he can be seen sitting for a meal on Armed Forces Day. According to a report by the independent Myanmar News news agency, at least 114 people, including children, were killed in 44 towns and cities across the country on Saturday by police and military.

Thousands fleeing towards Thailand after Myanmar air strike
On Monday, thousands of people from Karen village are fleeing to the country’s border with Thailand after the airstrikes by Myanmar’s army and the Thai authorities present there are preparing themselves for it. According to ‘Free Burma Rangers’, an organization working in the field of humanitarian aid, Myanmar planes carried out air strikes throughout the night on Sunday. A member of the agency said that one child was injured in the attack but no one was killed. Three Prime Minister Prayut Chan Ochha said on Monday that he was familiar with the problems on the western border of the country. He said that his government is preparing for the arrival of a large number of people. Prayut said, ‘We do not want mass migration in our region but we are concerned about human rights.’

When asked about the people who have already entered Thailand, Prayut said, “We have prepared in some places but we cannot say anything about the refugee centers yet.” We have not reached there yet. According to the Burma Free Rangers, about two and a half thousand people, including two hundred students, have crossed the Salween River and entered Mae Hong Son province of northern Thailand. The agency said that about ten thousand people have been displaced in the northern Karen state of Myanmar.

510 people killed so far – AAPP
The Advocacy Group for Political Prisoners (AAPP) said that during Monday, cracks and firing continued across the country and at least 14 people were shot and killed. According to the AAPP, at least 510 people have died since the coup.

The AAPP said, ‘People in Kyuk Myang, Tamwe Township, Yangon Region beat up the vessels and opposed the army. At that time, the army told the people that if the pot continued to be beaten, they would set it on fire. Many such videos have surfaced on social media in which the army and police are preventing people from banging utensils. It has become common practice in the country to protest against the army.

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