Beggars are getting employment in Haridwar Kumbh Mela, know how

In Haridwar, the beggars who indulged in beggarship were not only given employment opportunities in police stations instead of sending them to jail or beggars' planets, but they were given the opportunity to live with dignity and pride.

In Haridwar, the monks engaged in beggars were not only given employment opportunities in police stations instead of sending them to jail or beggars’ planets, but were given the opportunity to live with pride and pride.

Uttarakhand News: Kumbh Mela police campaign has started a new campaign, which has changed the world of many beggars. Many have been sent to their homes and many have got a job of 10 thousand rupees.

Kumbhanagri of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand has always attracted various sections of the society to itself. The beggar robs our human convictions and is the naked reality of economic inequality, which has been taken up by Mr. Sanjay Gunjyal, IG Kumbh Mela, a unique initiative to be added to the mainstream in a campaign.

Under this campaign, instead of sending beggars engaged in begging in Haridwar to jail or beggars, they were given employment opportunities not only in police stations but also to live with pride and pride. First of all, the Kumbh police made arrangements for convenient accommodation by removing all the beggars from the beggars. Bath, haircut, hulia was not only done by the experts from the best salons of the city, but also their medical test and kovid test. After treatment, some willing monks were taken to his house. After verification, by making Aadhar card of all the beggars, their bank accounts have been opened and about 10 thousand monthly salaries have been received on their respective accounts and 8 more new beggars are being given work in the police stations mess. A total of 24 former beggars have now joined the Kumbh Mela system with the police.

Some monks have also sent some part of their first income to their home, while some have even given some donation. After getting the first salary, IG Kumbh Mela Sanjay Gunjyal Sir, by whom this initiative was taken. After the Kumbh is over, he has arranged to give work to different industries and hotels after the Kumbh Mela as per their merit.

During an event by Sanjay Gunjayal IG Kumbh said that this campaign has awakened our human sensibilities and focused on reform instead of punishing the police. At the end of the program, all the beggars were honored by IG Kumbh after the salary by giving them new clothes, shoes and a blanket. Whoever came to know about the campaign today is a murid. Today, this poignant heartfelt initiative of the Kumbh Mela Police, its heartwarming thinking. Campaigns that come from the path of mutual respect and show the way to self-respect.

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