Shayari: Yes, I really want to tell the truth ... Image / shutterstock

Shayari: Yes, I really want to tell the truth … Image / shutterstock

Shayari: In Urdu Shayari, there is a separation or emotion that has been introduced in a very beautiful way. This is the reason why the poetry of poets has been pulling the hearts towards …

Shayari: Shayari Halle is a beautiful way to express your heart. In the world of Shayari, every emotion has been engraved on paper with great beauty. Whether it is about love or any other issue related to human life, pen has been raised. In Shayari, every emotion has received attention with beauty. Here the pain is also threaded in savory alphas. This is the reason why the poise of poets’ kalam has been pulling the hearts towards them. Today, we have attended Chand Ashr for you from this very precious Kalam of poets. Such shayars of poets in which the matter is of ‘truth’ and the desire of Mehboob is mentioned. Enjoy it too …

I will tell the truth but still lose
He will lie and make awesome
Parveen ShakirPoison is sweet so it is fun to drink
Tell the truth but do not feel like this

Fujail Jaffery

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There is truth in one thing but his
Wants to live back his promises
Kafil Azar Amrohvi

Sadiq, I am ‘Ghalib’, my witness
I tell the truth that I am not used to lying
Mirza Ghalib

Tell the truth that the tabassum of the Hont
Do not end the light, it will be dark ahead
Nida Fazli

Yes, I want to tell the truth
What not to do
Bashir Badra

If you have told a lie, then QAM too be ‘zafar’ on it.
Man should be the character
Zafar iqbal

Who can tell in love
Who has told the truth to whom
Ahmed Mushtaq

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I said night to night
The world was awakened upon hearing
Hafeez Meeruthi

It was low-drying but it was no less-so
That he used to speak the truth whenever he spoke too much
Akhtar Hoshiarpur (Sincerely / Rekhta)

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