If you do not make these mistakes while using conditioner, rectify today

Conditioner is an important ingredient to keep hair healthy. Applying too much or too little conditioner is not a mistake you make in its use. Apart from this, there are some common mistakes, which you make known about the use of conditioner in unintentional hair, which makes your hair look oily instead of looking shiny. And then when it comes to making hairstyles in these hairs, we are upset, although no one can create a style like a hair salon, but the hair with the right conditioning can make its own hairstyles to some extent. For this, a trick is to use conditioner at the right time at the right time. When we do not have time, we skip the conditioning. Along with this, some other common mistakes are made, here we are going to tell you about similar mistakes.

Applying conditioner to hair roots:

Never use conditioner in hair roots. Applying conditioner on the hair roots can also spoil good hair and damage them. Because there is already a lot of oil in the roots of the hair. This oil is caused by the sebum of the scalp. For best results, apply conditioner from the mid-length of your hair towards the ends and during this time take special care to apply conditioner on the dry parts of the hair.

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Many people use any type of conditioner on them without knowing the quality of their hair. If your hair is already naturally healthy then often they do not need deep conditioning. By doing this, your healthy hair can become light and dull. Use mild conditioner instead. But those who have very thick and voluminous hair are advised to do deep conditioning once a week for the health of the hair.

Shampooing before conditioner

We have grown up with the idea of ​​hair care that shampoos and conditioners are applied to the hair first, but experts suggest that first apply conditioner to the hair and leave it in the hair for a few minutes before washing it And then shampoo should be done. It improves hair bounce and their volume level.

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Long-term use of conditioner in hair:

Do not think that keeping the conditioner in the hair for a long time will benefit the hair. To get good results, the maximum time to allow the conditioner to stick in the hair is only three minutes. By keeping the conditioner in the hair for a long time, the hair can become dry, oily and light.

Use of too much conditioner:

Doing too much conditioner on the hair and letting it stay in the hair for too long can damage the health of your hair. This can cause hair weakening, whether your hair is normal or extremely good, one needs to use only one coin equivalent of conditioner. If your hair is very thick and curly, then you can apply a little more conditioner than this, but you should avoid applying too much conditioner at any cost. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please contact the specialist concerned before implementing them.)

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