If you want to do cycling in Noida in the morning, then you will get bicycle in these 62 places, see the complete list

Noida. With the health of the people, Noida’s environment is also good, for this, the Noida Authority is promoting cycling. Not only this, if you want to do cycling even in the morning, then at 62 points of Noida, the cycle will start from 5 o’clock in the morning. Cycle stands (docking stations) have been prepared on 60 out of 62 points of Noida. Stands have been made in such places from where the office as well as the metro station and bus station are also covered. At least 10 bicycles will be kept on a stand. But to take an E Cycle, along with downloading the app, the fare will also have to be paid.

Docking station to be started with 5 bicycles

According to the officials of the authority, according to the plan, 62 docking stations are being built for the e-cycle in the city. The construction of 60 stations has been completed. Under this scheme, 10 e-cycles will be erected at each stand. However, in order to make the plan a success, it will start with 5 cycles from the beginning 4 to 8 months.

If needed in Noida, e-cycle will be found hereNoida Authority Sector-2 SBI Bank, Sector-3 Underground Vehicle Parking, Sector-6 Authority Office, Sector-12 Z Block Market, Sector-15 Metro Station, Sector-16 Metro Station, Sector-16A APJ School, Sector- 18 Multi-storey Parking, Sector-18 Metro Station, Sector-20 Authority Office, Sector-21A Noida Stadium, Sector-25 Market, Sector-29 Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector-29 Brahmaputra Market, Sector-30 District Child Hospital, Sector- 33 ARTO Office, Sector-38A Botanical Garden Bus Depot, Sector-38A Botanical Garden will be near the metro station.

Vehicles will be checked in Noida and Greater Noida from April 1, keep paper ready, otherwise challan will be deducted

Similarly, Sector-39 City Center Metro Station, Sector-39 District Joint Hospital, Sector-44 Mahamaya School Sector-50 Market, Sector-52 Market’s inner road, Sector-57 Airtel Office, Sector-58 Police Post, Sector- Docking stations have been built at places like 59 Metro Station, Sector-60 AVP Road, Sector-62 Tot Mall Market, Sector-62 B Block Market, Sector-62 Samsung Building.

Renting a bicycle will have to be done

Authority officials say that the speed of the e-cycle will be up to 25 km per hour. After removing the battery, the weight of the bicycle will not exceed 60 kg. The service of e-cycle can be availed at any time through the consumer app. But for this first KYC will have to be done. After this, the cycle will be turned on with the help of the app at the docking station. Not only this, after coming back to the docking station, the bicycle will also be locked automatically. E-cycle service will be available throughout the week from 5 am to 11 pm. Renting, taking care of the bicycle and maintenance of the stand will be the responsibility of the private company.

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