Know the story behind the brand name of world famous vehicles, the story from BMW to Tesla is quite interesting.

new Delhi: Behind the name of any brand or human being, there is something special associated with that name in that brand or human being. There are many brands in the world, whose names are also amazing. But have you ever thought that the world’s famous car companies keep their names after thinking about the names of their brands. Many car companies such as Tata, Ford, Skoda and Toyota are named after their founders, but there are other companies that must have thought about how they were named, so today let us tell you the story behind the brand name of these cars. is.

Datsun is a sister brand of the Japanese company Nissan. Initially it was named DAT, behind which the initial names of its financiers Dane, Aoyama and Takeuchi were. The company later renamed it DATSON based on the brand’s small car SON, but later when the company discovered that SON in Japanese means loss, it changed its name to DATSUN.

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Tesla, the brand of American bilinar Elon Musk, is named after the Serbian inventor and famous scientist in the field of electronics Nikola Tesla.

Benz is derived from its founder in the name of this brand. But the story behind the name Mercedes is a bit long, the name is derived from the daughter of Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek.

The British company Rolls-Royce is also named after its two founders, which combine the surname of Federic Henry Royce and his friend Charles Stewart Rolls.

South Korean brand KIA has recently entered the Indian market. There are two Korean words behind this brand name, which is 起 (ki) and 亞 (a). And in Korea it means Rising from Asia and in English it means “Rising from the East”.

On the insistence of German dictator Adolf Hitler, Beetle launched a very affordable brand for the common logo. Another German car Volkswagen is made up of two words, Volks and wagen fox means public and wagon means vehicle ‘.

The Swedish company used to make child bearings before the vehicle entered the field and was named Svenska Kullagerfabriken (SKF). Later, after getting into the auto sector, the company got its trademark registered under the name of VOLVO. Which means ‘roll’ in Latin.

Hyundai, a South Korean brand, means “present age” or “modernity” in Korea, and is the name of the brand.

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Fiat is an Italian brand, it manufactured its vehicles at the Italian Automobiles Factory of Turin, based in Turin, in Italian (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino), which is abbreviated to FIAT today.

The German brand is behind the brand name of BMW, in the region of Bavaria, Germany. The locality used to manufacture locomotives in the company, during which time the name of this company was Bavarian Moteran Varke (Bayerische Motoren Werke). Which is translated into English by Bavaria Motor Work. Its abbreviation is known today as BMW.

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