The sewing machine, giving to the family facing the crisis of livelihood, the actor wrote – Give me the first shirt. Sonu sood once again helping a poor family for livelihood by sewing machine pr

Sonu Sood helped a family.  (Photo courtesy: sonu sood / twitter)

Sonu Sood helped a family. (Photo courtesy: sonu sood / twitter)

People consider Sonu Sood as the Messiah and keep asking for help from them. Sonu also does not back down, now on the request of a daughter, arranging for a livelihood for her family.

Mumbai. Ever since the lockdown, Sonu Sood can hear the days of the generosity of his family. Sometimes giving someone a job or sometimes giving medical help to someone, Sonu has left no stone unturned to help people. Another such incident has come to light, in which Sonu has again helped a family by becoming a savior. Sonu has not only helped him by giving the gift of a sewing machine to a family struggling with poverty, but has also said that the first shirt to be stitched for him. Sonu is once again getting many blessings for her help.

A video has been shared on Sonu Sood’s Twitter account. This video has been made by a person named Vishal Kumar Mahato. Vishal has shot the entire family as well as the gardener’s condition in the video. The number of women and girls is seen in this family. In the video, a girl of this family is seen demanding that if a sewing machine is arranged, then their financial condition will help in recovering. Wrote with the video that ‘Sir, today this family needs your help. It is difficult to run their household expenses. If they get a sewing machine, then the daughter of this house can run the expenses of the house using that skill.

On this, Sonu Sood tweeted, assuring immediate help and wrote, ‘By this Friday, the machine will reach, first shirt is to be sewn.

Even earlier, Sonu Sood had decided to take responsibility for the four daughters of a father killed in the Tehri accident in Uttarakhand. In the Chamoli accident caused by the breaking of the glacier, the father of these girls, Alam Singh Pundir, was killed.

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