This time hackers hacked the data of 9.9 crore Indians, see if your bank details were leaked

Hackers have stolen personal information of crores of Indian users of payment app Mobikwik.

Hackers have stolen personal information of crores of Indian users of payment app Mobikwik.

Hackers have put data hacking into the confidential information of 9.9 crore Indian users of Mobikwik (Mobikwik Indian Users). It has mobile numbers, bank account details, e-mail and credit card numbers. However, Mobikwik has denied any such incident.

new Delhi. Hackers have been targeting Indian Internet users for a long time. It has gained momentum in the last few days. Now the hackers have claimed that they have taken confidential information of crores of Indian users of the payment app Mobikwik (Data Hacking). More than 10 lakh transactions are done every day through this app. Currently, more than 30 lakh businessmen are connected with this app. At the same time, its number of consumers is more than 12 crore. Sequoia Capital and Bajaj Finance have major investments in Mobikwik. The company is competing with WhatsApp, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm.

Hackers want to take money from company instead of data leaks
Cyber ​​security analyst Rajasekhar Rajharia has also informed the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT), PCI Standards and Payment Technology Companies in writing about this. Hacker group Jordannevan has also e-mailed the link of the database to the Indian news agency PTI. This group has stated that it does not intend to use this data. The group said that its intention is only to take money from the company. After this, he will delete this data on his behalf.

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Jordannevan has also shared details of Bipin Preet Singh, founder of Mobikwik and Upasan Taku, CEO of Mobikwik from the database. However, Mobikwik has denied the hackers’ claim to be false. The company spokesperson said that we take data security very seriously and fully follow the valid data protection laws. At the same time, the hacker group has also uploaded documents used to know its customer along with many pictures of Mobikwik QR code. Mobikwik has said that she is working with the concerned authorities in this regard. The company will also conduct forensic data safety audit through third parties. Also said that all the accounts of Mobikwik and the amount deposited in them are completely safe.

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