Gold Price Today: Gold shines again, silver price rises sharply, see price of 10 grams

new Delhi. Even before the wedding season, the price of gold and silver is seeing a rise. Today, according to the website of Good Return on Friday, gold has become costlier by Rs 10 per 10 grams, while silver has seen a tremendous rise in the price. Today silver has gained Rs 1400 per kg. The price of 1 kg of silver is 65 thousand rupees. After a continuous fall in the prices of gold in the Indian markets, a sharp jump is being recorded today.

Today’s Gold Prices: On Friday, the price of 22 carat gold reached 43,380, while the price of 24 carat gold reached Rs 44,380 per 10 grams.

New Silver Prices: There has been a tremendous rise in silver prices on Friday. Today silver rose by Rs 1400 to Rs 65,000 per kg.

Gold Price in MetrosDelhi – Rs 43,810 (22 carat) – Rs 47,800 (24 carat)
Mumbai – Rs 43,380 (22 carat) – Rs 44,380 (24 carat)
Chennai – Rs 42,390 (22 Carat) – Rs 46,210 (24 Carat)
Kolkata – Rs 44,300 (22 carat) – Rs 47,000 (24 carat)

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Gold price will come faster: Experts believe that the weakening of gold prices may not be for long. Weakness in the dollar, rising inflationary pressures and monetary expansion have had a direct impact on the gold price.

Looking at the current situation around the world, experts have set a target of Rs 52,000 to 53,000 per 10 grams in gold. At the same time, some experts say that in the year 2021, gold can also cross the level of 63 thousand rupees. Anyway, the cases of corona virus are increasing again worldwide.

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