How to Start a Franchise Business and earn money follow these 5 steps to franchise ownership varpat

new Delhi. In the 21st century, there has been a lot of interest in Franchise and it should also increase. In the last four-five years, the franchising sector in our country has grown at a rate of about 30-35% and its total business is about 4 lakh crores Is of Rs. Currently, this sector contributes more than 2% to India’s GDP and by 2022, this contribution is estimated to be around 4%. This can be a good opportunity for people thinking of starting a new business, so that they know how to start and run their business properly. However, it can be a bit difficult to choose the best franchise. There are more than 1.7 lakh franchisees working in India and choosing the right option from so many franchisees is a difficult task.

Choosing the right franchisee

A good franchisee is where the franchisor treats his franchise as a partner and takes care of him in the same way as his business. However, apart from this, there are many important things related to choosing the right franchisee, which the investor should consider before taking the franchisee.1. Setting up as a small business or franchise

The first decision for a new businessman is whether they are interested in becoming a franchisee or owning a small business. Small business owners have the freedom to make decisions and make decisions without any hiccups, while the atmosphere at the franchise outlet is comfortable and the work is carried out according to all the needs and guidelines of the franchisee brand. For those who are new to the world of business, becoming a franchisee can work as a good strategy as it gives new businessmen the opportunity to learn and experience deeply the business world practices with the help of a franchisor, and that Even with less risk.

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2. Fixing Fixed Capital Amount

Most franchisees require a fixed amount of fixed capital to start a business. This amount covers the expenses of equipment, training, advertising, supply and software in some cases which are necessary for starting a franchisee. This amount can be different for every franchise and the cost of starting a franchise usually depends a lot on the industry and the particular business model. For example, it would cost less to start an online or service franchise than a manufacturing or F&B industry franchise. Before deciding to start a franchisee, every franchisee needs to set an investment limit for it, so that they get a chance to run the most appropriate franchisee according to their needs.

3. Understanding the ups and downs of the market

It is important to understand the risks of the market before looking for franchise opportunities. By understanding which industry is flourishing in the current market or growing rapidly, you will be able to choose a franchise that offers more benefits and great opportunities for the future. After getting information about specific markets, make a list of franchisees with whom you want to start a business. Understanding the risks of the market and taking the decision is the key to a successful business plan and understanding the market will help you choose a franchise that will give you profits.

4. Purpose and related information of the franchisor

It is important to get in touch with the franchisor and get answers to all your questions regarding ROI, P&L, Franchisor’s growth plan, freedom to work and responsibilities as a franchisee. It is also important to understand the terms of the agreement before starting a franchise business. You have to connect with them completely, so that you can understand their mission and vision very well. If both the franchisor and the franchisee have the same thinking, then you are sure to get success and a profitable deal. Also, it is very important that there is no conflict between the franchisee and the franchisee in the future. Due to any differences in core values ​​and objectives, the partnership may deteriorate in the coming time.
5. Franchise Reputation and Feedback

The last rule in choosing a franchisee is to take advantage of the reputations of that franchise and seek the opinion of those who are already connected in some way with the franchise. You can ask about the support system of the franchisor, the license fee and other benefits from the franchisor. Before buying the product, it is a good way to see all its reviews. Similarly, you can benefit from knowing about franchisees from those who currently work with them. This gives you inside information about how a franchisee works.

Where to choose the right franchise

Today, there are many offline and online channels that can help you choose your franchise. The advantage of offline channels is that from the very beginning, you get a chance to interact directly with the franchisor. However, the popularity of online platforms is increasing because they allow you to filter franchises at home, get information about them, and easily stay in touch with brand owners.

1. A major source of franchise opportunities is the Franchise Expo, which can be visited by the common people.

2. Another great option is to register yourself on the online marketplace for business and franchise. Such websites provide a guide to franchise listings from around the world and are one of the most convenient ways to find and list franchise brands. Some of the major websites offering franchise opportunities include Franchise India, SMERGERS and Get Distributors.

3. Franchisee Brokers are appointed by the franchisee brand to sell their franchisees to prospective investors and they are paid commission / referral fees for the same. Although only a few companies employ such brokers, it becomes easier for people who wish to buy franchisees to engage with such consultants and find the best deals in the market.

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