Leave the habit of chewing nails today, it can have many terrible consequences. Know how nail biting can affect your health.

Nail Biting Can Affect Your Health : Since childhood, you have been hearing that Nail Biting is a bad habit, but why is it a bad habit that no one has ever told in detail. Yes, everyone knows that it can cause diseases, but how many serious diseases and health problems can happen, today you are being told here in this article. In fact, chewing nails is such a habit, which is not stopped in time, then this habit gets included in our routine that it is not known when we started munching our nails. According to a research, 30 percent of the population worldwide is suffering from the habit of chewing nails. Let’s know its serious damage.

1. Skin infection

Health According to, nail bites can cause bacterial infection which can cause redness, swelling, etc. on the face. Not only this, at times, bacterial infections under the nail also cause pus and there can be unbearable pain. In such a situation, antibacterial drugs are needed. It is better to leave the chewed nail than to suffer so much pain.

2. Gum or Permanent DisabilityMany bacteria like Paronychia can go out of control in the body and affect the joints of the feet and feet when we continuously move the nails inside the mouth. It is also called septic arthritis, which is not easy to treat. Not only this, it can also cause permanent disability.

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3. Effect on nails

If you have a chronic habbit of nail biting, it can cause tissue inside the nail to deteriorate, which can cause permanent damage. Many times the nails stop growing due to this habit. If this problem happened once then it becomes impossible to fix it.

4. Damage to teeth

It has been found that people who do nail biting have many problems in their front teeth. Due to this, teeth can break, teeth can crack and stubborn teeth can also get fixed. It also poses a risk of teeth loosening and falling. These Habits also weaken the gums.

5. Teeth become crooked

If the habit of chewing nails is not abandoned in childhood, then teeth can become crooked. Actually it has been seen that when we chew the nail with teeth, we use only one or two teeth for this. By continuously chewing with these teeth, the grip of the tooth gets relaxed and they change their shape. Due to this habit of childhood, one needs to wear braces on the teeth later.

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6. Gums pain

Many times the nail pieces remain inside the mouth and they get stuck in the gums and blood starts coming from the gums. It can also cause painful swelling and infection and wounds here.

7. Does Digestion Affect

If there is any bacterial infection in the mouth due to the habit of chewing the nails, bacteria can reach the stomach from here and may cause gastrointestinal infection. Due to this, there may be a problem of abdominal pain and diarrhea. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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