Oliya recipe in Hindi: make Oliya for Basoda, note down the recipe

Oliya recipe in Hindi: Shitala Saptami fast is tomorrow. Oliya is offered to Mother Sheetla. Prasad of fasting of Sheetla Maa will be made only today i.e. on the night of Chhath. After this, the next day after the puja, this prasad will be offered to the mother. The stove is not lit after worshiping Sheetla Mata. According to mythological beliefs, Mata Sheetla protects devotees from smallpox and other infectious diseases. Sheetla Mata is always offered a meal of stale food. Come, let’s make the recipe for Oliya before Shitala Saptamiā€¦

Ingredients for making olia:
1 cup boiled rice
1 cup yogurt
2-3 teaspoons sugar
2-3 tsp cardamom powder

Recipes for Olea:

1. To cook the olia, first of all, put the cooker on the gas. Add rice and water to it. Cook it well on low flame till two to four whistles come. After this, take out the rice and keep it to cool down.
2. Take curd in a vessel and whisk it well with a spoon. Now add rice to it.

3. Mix rice well in curd. If you want, you can also mix it by putting it in the mixer. Add the cardamom and sugar to it and mix it well.

4. Take your rice Oliya is ready. Now keep it for the fast of Mother Sheetla.

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