Shayari On Diffrent Shades Of Life- Zindagi Zinda-Dili has a name, read famous shayari on many colors of life

Shayari On Diffrent Shades Of Life- Life is like a very beautiful dream. Despite many joys, surprises and troubles, there remains hope that tomorrow will be better than today and in this wait we are busy trying to do better than better. Famous poet Nida Fazli has also written about life – ‘This is life, some dreams, hope, with these toys, you can also get better’. The truth is that life often brings happiness, sorrow and laughter and tears. Sometimes she laughs in a moment and sometimes she makes me cry. Today, we have brought you with the help of Rekha, the lions and shayari of some famous poets on ‘Zindagi’. Read them and enjoy life …

1.The one who could not live with us

We have lived that life. – Jaun Eliya

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Love, then understand what is life. – Nida Fazli

3.Zindagi Zindagi-Dili’s name

The dead-heart lives on -Immam Baksh Nasikh

4.When the world is alive again

If life is anything, then where is this youth again? – Khwaja Mir Dard

5. Get out in the sun and take a shower

What is life? Look at the books. -Needa Fazli

6. Have seen life so close

Faces are beginning to look strange to all. – Sahir Ludhianvi

7. I went on with life

Every concern was blown away in smoke. – Sahir Ludhianvi

8. Miri no life anymore

Are you still my life- jon elia

9. Take it, I have a good eye

Why should we look at life from someone’s point of view. – Sahir Ludhianvi

10. I lost my life in my desire

Who is it that I have never seen? – Jaune Eliya

11. Bless me of life

Laughter is coming at the simplicity. – Gopal Mittal

12. We are sad, where are the songs of happiness

We will give what we get from this life. – Sahir Ludhianvi

13. Is the life of a strange city neither traveling nor doing

Somewhere in the afternoon of business, it is a bad evening. – Bashir Badra

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