Start Hop Shoots Cultivation in India earn crore rupees know everything varpat

new Delhi. If you are upset with the job or the job has been lost due to any reason, then there is no need to get upset. You can start your own business (How to start your business). You will earn crores from this. Today we are telling you about such a farming, by which you will earn tens of thousands to millions, which is a distant thing. This farming can change your luck. In fact, a farmer from Bihar is earning crores by cultivating hop shoots farming. This farmer has become famous around the world by cultivating exotic hop shoots. It is grown for the first time in India. Recently, an IAS officer has given information about this vegetable by tweeting. The cost of one kilogram of this vegetable is about one lakh rupees. You too can earn in crores by cultivating it. So let’s know how it is cultivated-

Scientific name of hop shoots Humulus lupulus
The scientific name of hop shoots is humulus lupulus. It rises again and again. This plant is originally grown in North America and Europe. Before knowing its usefulness, it was considered like a weed, which had no use in life. According to the website aggregating dot, it is used for antibacterial effect. It is used in making antibiotics. It is said that the medicine made from hop shoots proves to be effective in the treatment of TB. Its flowers are used in beer making.

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The biggest buyer of hop shoots is the United States. This vegetable is in great demand in the countries of Europe. This vegetable is also cultivated in many countries of Europe. Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany is a favorite vegetable of people from accustomed European countries. Many types of antibiotics are found in this vegetable. It is also used to make medicine with the presence of antibiotics.

Bihar farmer started Hop Shoots farming
Farmer Amresh Singh of Karamdih village in Aurangabad, Bihar has started cultivation of hop shoots. He has started cultivation on experimental basis on the land of 5 lumps under the supervision of agricultural scientist of Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Kashi.

This vegetable can be grown throughout the year
Although it is an evergreen vegetable that can be grown throughout the year, but the cold weather is not considered good for it. March to June is considered an ideal time for its cultivation. For this, moisture and sunlight are required. In this environment, its plant grows rapidly and its twigs grow up to 6 inches in a day. Initially its twigs are purple in color but later turn green.

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There should be smooth loam soil for cultivation
For hops cultivation, fertile, well drained sandy loam soils should have smooth loam soils. For the cultivation of hop shoots, you can prepare the plant either from seed or by pen, but the plants prepared by the pen, layer are the best.

Processing of hop shoots
The temperature requirements are special at the time of processing after the shattering of the hops shoots. To dry them, the initial temperature is required to be around 35 degrees. To dry the reservoir, you can increase the temperature according to the quantity.

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