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The saints of the akhadas also migrate in large numbers to the city of Kumbh.

The saints of the akhadas also migrate in large numbers to the city of Kumbh.

Tents have been arranged to accommodate the Sadhu Saints, Police Force, Paramilitary Force and other security forces arriving during Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 Kumbh (Mahakumbh). After this Haridwar has transformed into a tent city.

Pulkit Shukla

Haridwar. In Kumbh city Haridwar (Haridwar Kumbh), the views have become different these days. Thousands of saint saints, police forces, paramilitary forces and other security forces are arriving in Haridwar. To accommodate all these, thousands of tents have been installed in Haridwar, which has turned the entire Kumbh city into a tent city. To make the Kumbh Mela successful, many preparations are made temporarily. In Haridwar too, many temporary works have been constructed on behalf of the fair administration these days to decorate the city of Kumbh. Colorful lights have been installed. Apart from this, tents have also been arranged for the saints and employees posted in the duty of the fair.

A large number of tents have been erected in almost every part of the city like Chandi Tapu, Roadi Belwala, BHEL Sector 1, Bairagi Camp, which has changed the view here. Additional Fair Officer Harvir Singh said that a large number of officers and employees reach him here for arranging the fair. The saints of the akhadas also migrate in large number to the city of Kumbh, so tents are arranged.

Local people also excited to see the sceneThe ordinary urban people are seeing it as a new experience to be transformed into a tent city of Haridwar. People say that such a large number of tents across the city can be seen only in an event like Kumbh Mela. When the flood of faith rises, it can be handled only by arranging the tents. Priyanka Awasthi and Ananya Bhatnagar came out for a walk in the evening and tells that this scene is amazing. Earlier, such a scene was seen in Kumbh itself, they consider themselves lucky that they are residents of Haridwar.

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Stoppage of all trains

Haridwar Mahakumbh A decision has been taken on behalf of the railway administration. Under this, the staging of all trains at Haridwar railway station from 11 to 14 April was canceled. Travelers arriving here will now be dropped off at Haridwar at Roorkee, Jwalapur and Luxor railway stations. This decision taken suddenly will cause inconvenience to the passengers, but it is being considered as a decision taken by the Corona Guidlan. A huge crowd is reaching Haridwar Mahakumbh. In such a situation, passengers will be taken to another station and they will be taken to Haridwar via shuttle or buses from that station.

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