No interest on withdrawing cash, know other features

new Delhi. Most of the credit card (credit card) in the country has to pay huge charges to customers for withdrawing cash. At the same time, in this case, IDFC First Bank is giving great relief to its credit card customers. IDFC Bank has 4 types of credit cards and the bank is providing interest free cash advance facility to all its credit card holders.

Interest free cash advance facility
Usually, interest is paid on withdrawing cash from credit card and banks charge 250 to 450 rupees on every transaction. Also, monthly interest is charged from 2.5 per cent to 3.5 per cent. At the same time, customers of IDFC credit card are charged only 250 rupees (Domestic Cash Advance Fee) on cash transactions.

Credit card at 9 percent annual interestThe bank is offering 4 types of credit cords, in which the monthly interest will be between 0.75 to 2.99 per cent, ie 9 per cent to 35.88 per cent. However, the benefit of 9 percent interest rate will be given only to those who have a good credit record. The names of these cards are – FIRST Millennia Credit Card, FIRST Classic Credit Card, FIRST Select Credit Card and FIRST Wealth Credit Card. For the time being we will talk about the First Millennia Credit Card.

Special features of First Millennia Credit Card

>> 6X Reward Point on all online expenses (Reward Rate – 1.5%)
>> 3X Reward Point on all offline expenses (Reward Rate – 0.75%)
>> 10X Reward Point on all expenses on the day of the birthday (Reward Rate – 2.5%)
>> 10X Reward Point (Reward Rate – 2.5%) on all expenses over 20 thousand rupees.
>> No Reward Points on Fuel, EMI, Insurance Transactions and Cash Withdrawals

Reward Point never expires
The biggest feature of the First Millennia Credit Card is that there is no capping on the reward point. Meaning you can get unlimited reward points in one billing cycle. This reward point never expires.

No need to redeem reward point
These reward points are credited to the credit card account. The special thing is that the value of one reward point is equal to one rupee.

First Millennia Credit Card Charges
This is a lifetime free credit card.
>> The joining fee of this card is zero.
>> Annual fee of this card is zero.

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