You also like the Buy Now, Pay Later scheme, first know how people are getting caught in this affair

new Delhi. By Now Pay Letter (Buy Now Pay Later) scheme is being promoted by many fintech companies. On the other hand, people are also taking advantage of this scheme in large numbers but without any knowledge. This is the reason why many people, who got caught in the scheme and went shopping by thinking that they will give money in the coming days. He had never thought even in dreams that he would have to bear the huge expense of feeling like this fake thing. Will bring What Seems is That this easy is. In many ways, but if you do not pay on time, then you will have to pay so much interest with the late payment charge that you may have to pay twice the original amount.

Pune in Living Wali 27 year Of Shalini Rao has By now pay letter The scheme From 30 Thousand Rupees Of Shopping Of. Cavid Of Dairan went to his career and failed to pay the bill at the right time. You will be surprised to know that by the time they got the money, they had to pay 60 thousand rupees and not 60 thousand rupees. Because the interest charged under this scheme is more than ten percent. Therefore, most experts say that if you are not able to repay this debt when needed and in time, you should not go towards it.

On an average, 34-year-olds are using more

ZestMoney Of Report Of According to 2020 in Bnpl Of the option Adopt The ones Consumers Of Average Age 34 year doing. this Facility Of Benefit Lifting The ones Most of the The people has its Use Online education Purchasing, Others Electronic Tools To buy, Fashion And Travel Of For did. ZestMoney Of The CEO Lizzie Chapman Of tell is That 2020 in very all The people has Bnpl Of the option Adopted. this year Too this The business in Growth To see To Will be found. Consumer The credit Of For All Digital The choices To like Tax are Huh.

Swipe Of Business head Yogesh Verma Of tell is That Mumbai, Delhi And Bangalore like Metro The cities in The people Fast Of with BNPL Of the option To ours are Huh. Its Under Having The ones Average Transaction Of Size 43000 Rupees is. ZestMoney Of According to Its near 68 Percent User Tier-2 And Tier-3 The cities From Huh. the rest 32 Percent User Tier-1 The cities From Huh.

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how work Does is this The scheme

Bnpl scheme Of Under you someone Thing now Purchase Tax after in Installments in payment To do Of Facility Gives is. its from all Basic Format this is That when Any Fintech Firm Of with ours Account Open up Huh And in that ours registration To do Huh so this Firm you Ours Any The partner Merchant (Online Store) Of with you Shopping Of Facility Gives is. this Shopping You In advance The form On By doing 15 From 30 day in its payment do is. but if Any Event in You mine Purchase Of For Determined payment decide Period in No Tax Find Huh so you Heavy Interest Pay off Happen is. that your Bill Amount On Dependent Does is. some Bnpl Firm Expensive Things Of Purchase On no-cost credit Of base On Installments in payment Of 3 From 6 Month in payment Of Facility Gives Huh. its meaning this is That you The same Period in Bill Of payment do Happen is. this Segment in some Fintech The companies in Amazon Pay, ePayLater, Kissht, LazyPay, Simpl, Slice, ZestMoney As The companies Include Huh.

Many fintech companies can register at the same time

You One Only Time in many Fintech The companies in ours registration Should do Can is. in this you your The credit Profile Of Calculation From The credit Limit Get is. Flipkart, Amazon, BigBasket like very C ECormus The companies Too Today Buy, after in Repay As Facility Gives is. Zomato And Swiggy As Food Delivery The companies Too behind No is. Here Too you this Kind Of Facility Get is. Goibibo And Cleartrip As Travel Portal Too this Facility Gives is. digital lending consultant Parijat Garg (Parijat Garg) Of tell is That this Kind Of Fintech The companies Those The people To Target Tax doing Huh Whose near The credit The card No is.

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There may be a large cost of interest with late fees.

Bnpl The credit The card Of the option Of The form in work Does is. Its Under You Any Facility And thing Of Purchase now By doing after in One Fixed Period in its payment do is but this Period Elapsed Know On you Late The fees And Interest Of with The big Price Pay Fall Can is. Of Aparna Ramachandra Of tell is That if You negligence do Huh or From you someone forget Ho Caste is so this Facility your up very Heavy Fall Can is.

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