Did the rainbow show on Mars? NASA revealed the truth of the viral photo

NASA has tweeted this picture of Mars.

NASA has tweeted this picture of Mars.

The American Space Institute NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) said in a tweet, ‘This iridescent hue visible in the sky of Mars is actually a light in the lens of the rover’s camera. Because, there cannot be a rainbow on Mars. ‘

New York. The Mars Rover Percussion (NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover) sent to the US Space Institute NASA (Mars) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has taken a stunning photo of the sky there. In it, a rainbow looks like in the sky of Mars. However, NASA has made it clear that it is not a rainbow. Talking about this photo, it was taken on February 18 when the rover touched the surface of Mars. A statement has been issued by NASA on this matter.

NASA said that on the red planet i.e. Mars, rainbow is formed by the reflection of light and small drops of water, but there is neither much water on Mars and the atmosphere here is quite cold in terms of liquid water. NASA said in a tweet, ‘This iridescent shade seen in the sky of Mars is actually a light in the lens of the rover’s camera. Because, there cannot be a rainbow on Mars. ‘

NASA further said, ‘The atmosphere of Mars is very dry. There is about 95 percent toxic carbon dioxide. Apart from this, there is 4 percent nitrogen and aragon. There is also one percent oxygen and water vapor. In this way, chemically and physically Mars is quite different from Earth. That’s why the rainbow cannot be imagined there. Dave Lavery, program executive of the Solar System Exploration of NASA, says that the line of colors seen in the picture may be due to the dust in the sky of the red planet, which is also due to sunlight. I am glowing in It can also have some amazing lens luster. According to him, at the time this picture was taken, the rover was towards north.

According to Mars Solar time it was two o’clock in the afternoon. The camera was facing south at that time. In this sense, this is a better time, when the brightness of the light can fall on the rover’s camera. However, some experts also believe that one reason for the arrival of such photos may be icebo, which are in the polar region of the red planet (Mars).

Let us know that NASA’s parasite landed in the red planet’s Zagiro crater in February. Its job is to find life here. This is NASA’s 5th rover sent to Mars.

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