Foods that are enemies of your immunity, keep yourself and family away from them. These Foods Can Weaken Your Immune System

The most trendy word in the world in the last one year is immunity. Yes, Corona’s cornered world has understood the importance of immunity in the last one year and has done everything possible to save her family from this terrible virus. But the irony is that we got all the information about food enhancing immunity in all these efforts, but did not pay attention to the food which is reducing our immunity. So let’s know about the foods that work to reduce our immunity and which are found in the fridge of the house.

1. Leave

We all know that Soda does not have any nutrition value except sweetness and high calories. It this not that According to a 2011 research, it has been found that the consumption of soda leads to unnecessary weight gain which can cause obesity in people. Obesity causes severe damage to the immune system.

2. Fried FoodIf you want to increase the immunity, then keep distance from your favorite French fries, chicken fries, chicken wings etc. If you are still consuming them, then tell them that they do high fat containers. According to a 2016 study, high fat diets have a very bad effect on your immunity.

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3. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption affects people’s immune pathways. Not only this, the consumption of alcohol also worsens the sleep pattern and both these reasons are enough to reduce the immunity of the body.

4. Candy, Cakes, Pastries and Cookies

Sugar and high-fat items like candy, chocolate, toffee, cake, cookies reduce our body’s immunity rapidly. The amount of sugar present in them increases the inflammation of our body, which has a wrong effect on our immune system.

5.Energy Drinks

Many types of energy drinks are available in the market which claim to super boost your energy. Actually, let us tell you that it is very dangerous for your immunity system. They contain a lot of caffeine which increases inflammation in the body. Let us know that your sleep is interrupted by the use of these, which is very important to make the immune system strong.

6.Fast Food

If you really want to keep your immune system strong, then stop eating fast food like burgers, pizza, sandwiches etc. They contain a lot of calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar, etc., which are enough to reduce immunity. Not only this, the use of them also increases the chances of diabetes type two and heart disease.

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7. Ice Cream

It may be very tasty and your favorite in taste, but let us know that due to the richness of saturated fat and sugar, it increases inflammation in our body, which is very bad for the immunity system.

8. Potato Chips

Chips with any kind of packet may be very tasty and good in taste, but tell you that they contain a lot of salt and saturated fat which are enemies of immunity. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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