Harish Rawat’s reputation at stake in Salt by-election, BJP accuses him of vandalism Former CM Harish Rawats reputation at stake in Salt by-election Congress-BJP nodark

Former CM Harish Rawat hails from Mohanari, adjacent to the Salt.  (File photo)

Former CM Harish Rawat hails from Mohanari, adjacent to the Salt. (File photo)

The Salt Assembly By-election in the Salt Assembly seat of Uttarakhand has become a question of the prestige of senior Congress leader and former CM Harish Rawat.

Ramnagar Even though there is a fight between the BJP and the Congress in the battle for the by-election for the Salt Assembly seat of Uttarakhand, senior Congress leader and former CM Harish Rawat (Former CM Harish Rawat) is in this by-election. ) ‘S reputation is also at stake. The former CM hails from Mohanari, adjoining the Sultanate. Along with this, he has been an MP from Almora-Pithoragarh seat 3 times. Former MLA Ranjit Rawat wanted to nominate his block chief son Vikram Rawat for this by-election in Salt in the Congress, while former CM Harish Rawat’s hand was on the head of Ganga Panchauli, due to which the party made Panchauli its candidate. In such a situation, now the reputation of Harish Rawat has been directly linked to this election.

However, the Congress is looking at this by associating it with the party’s reputation. PCC Chief Pritam Singh says that the Congress is fighting the elections. In such a situation, the reputation of the Congress organization, not Harish Rawat, is at stake. On the other hand, if BJP is to be believed, Harish Rawat had earlier announced that he has been shocked by the death of the late leader Surendra Singh Jina and the Congress should be given a walk over on this seat. In such a situation, what message does he want to give to the public by taking down the candidate of his choice for the election.

BJP MP said this
Ajay Bhatt, MP from Nainital, says that he had also talked about not contesting elections. Now he is contesting the election by contesting his candidate. The differences between Harish Rawat and Ranjit Rawat, who were once complementary to each other, are no longer hidden from anyone. In such a situation, how much of Harish Rawat’s emotional audio card will work in the area holding Ranjit Rawat will have to be seen.

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