how to make curd dahi at home

Freeze thick yogurt with these easy methods.  Image / shutterstock

Freeze thick yogurt with these easy methods. Image / shutterstock

Curd is very important in Indian cuisine. This is the reason why lassi is made and many types of dishes are prepared like Raita, Kadhi etc. In such a situation, people also collect yogurt at their home.

Eating curd in summer gives coolness. At the same time, it is also very beneficial for health. This is the reason why most people like to have yogurt at lunch. Anyway, curd is very important in Indian cuisine. The reason for this is that whichever way its dishes are made, it looks tasty in every way. In summer, many types of dishes like its lassi, raita, kadhi etc. are made. Yogurt enhances the taste of our food.

To make curd easily available all the time, people often store curd at their home. But thick curd like market at home does not freeze. But with the help of some tips, you can also collect thick and flavored curd like confectioner at home. Let us know what methods should be adopted to make thick and tasty yogurt at home-

Substitute thickened yogurt in this way
Take about three teaspoons of milk powder in a vessel. Add a little curd to it and mix it well. Then take milk in a separate vessel and boil it. When it cools down, add it to the milk powder. Then mix it well and keep it covered for a few hours. This thickens the curd.Also read – Stubborn stains will go away from utensils, follow these easy tips

First of all boil the milk. When it cools down, add yogurt sourdough to it. Then mix it well and keep it covered with a clean cloth for a few hours. After few hours your thick curd will be ready.

Apart from this, you can also use the help of microwave oven to set the curd. For this, first heat the milk and when the light becomes lukewarm, add yogurt sourdough to it and then keep this vessel in the microwave. For this, pre-heat your microwave for about two minutes at 180 degrees and then turn it off. Yogurt will freeze in this manner too.

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Keep these things in mind
To establish curd, always use full cream milk. Curd does not thicken with thin or water-added milk.
An earthen pot is better for setting curd. Due to this, the curd thickens and the fragrant smell of soil also comes in it.
Never keep curd in very hot milk for freezing. Because of this also curd does not freeze.

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