India leads the world in digital transactions, yet 61 percent transaction offline

There were more than 25 million transactions in India alone.

There were more than 25 million transactions in India alone.

According to payment system company ACI world-wide report of the year 2020, by 2025, digital transactions in India will be used more than 71 percent. Although the trend of digital payment was increasing, but after Corona, it has increased a lot.

The new Delhi. India is at the forefront of digital transaction in the whole world. Payment System Company ACI world-wide Of According to the report of the year 2020 2025 till India in Digital Transaction Of Used 71 Percent From more Will happen. by the way so Digital Payment Of Practice Increased Only Stayed Was but Corona Of after in this Fast I came is. Report Of According to Complete world in 2019 Of after From Digital Payment in 41 Percent Growth Hui is.

2 Crore 55 Over a million transactions in India alone
ACI world-wide Of According to the report, 2020 in Complete world in 7 Crore 3 Lakh Digital Transaction Happened that by this last year Of Compared 41 Percent more Huh. in this from all more 2 Crore 55 Lakh Digital Transaction India in Happened. in this 15 Percent Transaction Digital Payment From Connected Hue Huh. now Too 61 Percent Transaction Offline Ho are Huh. company Of Claim is That 2024 in Online Transaction Of market share 50 Percent Will happen, that 2025 in 71 On Percent till Ho Will go.

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The industry is also working fast on the new trend
this Change To Adopt Of For Now The big Steps Pick up Go are Huh. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has Payment Banks To big Boost Giving Hue 2 Lakh till Deposit Taking And Non Banking Payment Institutions To RTGS and OIL Of Permission Give Given is. Industry Too new Trend On Enough Fast From work Tax doing is.

Danger Too With I came Digital Transaction Growth
Digital Transaction Of Growth Of withwith Cyber crime Too Fast From Increased Huh. Fishing, Hacking, Identity Theft like crime Mango Ho Let’s go Huh. so Digital Transaction Of Growth Of For from all Necessary is Transaction Of Complete Kind From Safe Happen. Knowledgeable Consider Huh That Its For The companies To Too The big Preparation To do Will be Coronaperiod has Online Transaction To that Speed Given is, they ahead this Area in The business Of The big The opportunity Too With Will come.

Transactions exceeding 4500 crores rupees

The report presented in Parliament last month regarding the digital transactions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology also shows that its trend is increasing in India. The number of digital transactions was 4572 crores in FY 2019-20, while it was 3134 crores in FY 2018-19 and 2071 crores in 2017-18. The report states that from January 2020 to August 2020 the number of digital transactions was 3106.64 crores, of which a total of 1050.59 crores transactions occurred during the lockdown i.e. from March to May. It has gained momentum since unlocked, i.e. from June and by the end of the year it reached 4572 crores.

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