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(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka (Karnataka), has many places to eat such food and we have also discussed about it. But, the place I am going to talk about is a bit old. Yes, even before the independence of the country, this taste is spreading. I am talking about ‘Vidyarthi Bhavan’.

Made for students only:This restaurant is in the old city of Gandhi Nagar. There were already a large number of educational institutes here. This place also existed between the two schools National High School and Acharya Pathshala. It was established in 1943. Since then, even though its owners may have changed, there is no change in the flavors.

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Management was changed in 1970:

The management of this restaurant was changed in the year 1970, but it had no effect on its taste and even some artisans. Today, the decades-old original flavor is served here. Even in its decoration, there is no significant change. Only a few changes have been made.

Menu Very Limited:

Its menu is very limited. Butter masala dosa, sago dosa and plain dosa are the most important in this. It is available from the opening of the restaurant till its closing. But apart from this, there is also a chow-chow bath of Rava Vada, Khara Bath, Kesari Bath, Uddina Vada, Idli and Puri Sago. After eating all this, a coffee is made here.

The queue takes place:

There are long queues of eaters here. So when you go here, take some time. People stand outside before the restaurant opens. Along with this, keep in mind that you will not go here on Friday, because everyone has a holiday here on this day.

Many VIPs have enjoyed the taste:

This is a wonderful place for ordinary people, but many VIPs also come here. Be it former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda or mayor of London or several CMs of Karnataka. Not only this, the judges of the Supreme Court also come here to taste it. Not only this, it has also been a great place for big doctors, writers etc.

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Strong in taste, the rate is low:

Since its name is Vidyarthi Bhavan and it was started especially for students, then the rates are low here. Perhaps keeping the students in mind, the price of dosa here is still 50 rupees. Also, coffee is still available here for 15 rupees.

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