Kundru takes care of digestion during summer is rich in Vitamin C pur

Benefits Of Kundru: It is very important to take healthy diet in the summer to keep the body healthy. Also, drink plenty of water. Digestion is the most common problem in this season. In the summer people start having trouble digesting food. Due to hot winds and sweat, the body starts getting tired. In such a situation, nutritious vegetables are needed. At this time vegetables like parwal, ghee, luffa must be consumed. Kundru is also a vegetable that is very beneficial in summer. Kundru looks like a parwal, but the size and width are much less. Kundroo is full of nutritious qualities. It must be included in the diet. Let us tell you about its benefits.

Benefits of eating kundroo

Kundroo contains vitamins C and B as well as fiber, iron, calcium and many types of anti-oxidants. Along with increasing immunity, they also keep the heart healthy.

Also read: Follow this vegetarian diet and reduce weight fast, include these things in your diet.The presence of flavanides in Kundroo relieves the problem of high blood pressure. Kundroo keeps blood pressure under control. Staying in blood pressure control also reduces the risk of heart related diseases.

-Kundru must be eaten to correct the disturbances in the digestion in the summer. Eating Kundru relieves stomach problems. Even in the problem of kidney stone, Kundru is beneficial.

Vitamin-C present in Kundroo strengthens the immune system, thereby preventing viral infection.

– It contains an anti-hyperglycemic element, which keeps the blood sugar level under control. It is very useful for diabetes patients.

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– Eating Kundru reduces iron deficiency in the body. It maintains the amount of hemoglobin. Eating Kundru relieves tiredness of the body and brings energy to the body.

– Too much cooked Kundru should not be eaten. It should be cooked and cooked well there. Make it in very little oil so that it can keep the body healthy.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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