Water Taxis in Mumbai from May, Ropax Ferry also four new routes from December

  The journey between Mumbai and Rewas will be completed in just 15 minutes.

The journey between Mumbai and Rewas will be completed in just 15 minutes.

Union Minister Mansukh Mandavia said that with the commencement of this service, the journey of 70 km distance between Mumbai and Rewas will be completed in just 15 minutes, which now takes 1.5 hours.

new Delhi. There is good news for those who live in Mumbai. They can get relief from heavy traffic soon. This is because the public transport system of Mumbai is going to get a big boost. Ports, Shipping and Waterways Ministry (Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways) has Will bring Of Facility, to save time from heavy traffic in the road, to save time and reduce travel costs, Union Minister Mansukh Mandavia has launched a water taxi (Water Taxis) And Ropex Ferry Service (RoPax ferry services) Of The beginning To do Of Announcement It is Wednesday

There is a big problem of traffic in Mumbai, due to long jams and signals, the journey can be done in 10 minutes, it takes more than 40 minutes, it will save a lot of time and fare by traveling through the sea. Mandavia said that water taxis will start operating in Mumbai from May 2021. the same 4 new routes for Ropax Ferry will be started at the end of this year i.e. December 2021. Water taxis will also be run on a dozen routes. He said that the water taxi and Ropax Ferry will start from the beginning, there will be a lot of convenience in coming and coming, and over time there will be relief from the fare and heavy traffic of Mumbai.

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One and a half hour journey in just 15 minutes

Mansukh Mandavia Of Apart from Mumbai Port Of chairperson And Maharashtra Maritime Board Of Officer And other The people has Water the cab Run Of For Called Has gone The meeting in Part took. I know that first From Only Mumbai And Alibaug Of Near Mandava Of between RoRo Passenger Again Service Walk doing is, With which Now till 20,000 From more Vehicles Of transportation Ho Had finished is.this RoRo Passenger Again Service Of Start Having Of first 20 Week in 1 Lakh From more The people by this journey Tax Had Were. this Service From Mumbai From Mandava To between Of travel Time 3 Hours From Less Through 45 Minute Ho Gone. Mansukh Mandavia has said That this Service Of Start Having From The mouthBai And Revas Of between Of 70 Km Of Distance Of journey Only 15 Minute in Complete Ho Will go, In which now 1.5 Hours Seem to Huh.

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