Exclusive: know how much railway sells for old engines and train coaches

New Delhi. sometimes you साएचा is That when train Of The compartment (Train Coaches), The engine (Engine) or Freight train Of The compartment bad Yes Caste is Tae railway (Railways) His What Does Will be. Indian railway (Indian Railway) Any work Of No Left Such train, The engine And Goods train What Scrap (Scrap) Of The tare On Sell Gives is. Your this Knowledgeable Too shock Will be That last Four Fuckin In Indian railway What this Scrap by selling 15,906.46 Karad Of Revenue (Revenue) met is. Four Fuckin In in this Lahehe Of with The second Things Too Scrap Of Caste is In which Trenaan Of Seats, AC, light Holders etc Include Live Huh. railway These Da Category In Holds is One Tae Laah Metal In which Lahe From Made Things Lives is Tae The second Alaih Metal In which Seat, light Holders other Things Come is. railway Ministry Of One Report Of accordingly last Four Fuckin In Laah Metal From 67 lakh 24 Thousand 569 Metric Ton Scrap Out Tae There itself Aleah Metal From 1lakh 33 Thousand 694 Metric Ton Whom by selling Only railway What 15,906.46 Karad Of Revenue met is.

Negated Goods train Of 20495 The compartment

Report Of accordingly Indian railway What last Four Fuckin In Negated Goods train Of The compartment That is Go work Of No Left or Carriage To do Eligible No Stay went Were That Number The year 2017-18 In 6032 , The year 2018-19 In 6298,  2019-20 In 4597 And 2020-21(18 March 2021 By ) 3532 was. If These Winter took Go Tae this Number 20495 The compartment Goods train Of Scrap Done went.

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Passenger train Of 11396 The rebels Hui Scrap

the same talk If Passenger train or saying Ride Trenaan Of The boxes or saying The rebels Of Tae Four year In Their The total Number 11396 was Go Right work In Bring Of calculation From No Left Were Whose Go railway has These Too Scrap In Sold out. In these The year 2017-18 In Ride Trenaan Of 3295 The boxes What Scrap did Gone Tae The year 2018-19 In 4007 The boxes What. The year 2019-20 In 2398 Tae 2020-21(18 March 2021 By ) 1726 The compartment Scrap Have been.

1530 The engine Too Four year In outside

Ride And Goods train What To mold Of work To do The ones 1530 Engine What Too Indian railway has last Four Fuckin In Scrap did is. The year 2017-18 In where Number of such engines Was 633 Tae The year 2018-19 In 320 Its Next year ie 2019-20 In 164 And 2020-21(18 March 2021 By ) 413 was. These include engines used in maintenance including passenger trains and engines used in goods trains.

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Year by year scrap And Income from

Now in four years, if it is talked about the revenue of the railways by selling these scape every year, then it remained like this. The year 2017-18 In Iron (1037319)And Aleah (31774) Including The total 10 lakh 69 Thousand 93 metric tons of scrap came out which gave a revenue of 3152.41 crores, next year i.e. The year 2018-19 In Laah (1250742)And Aleah (28605) From The total 12,79,347 metric Ton By selling 4196.72 crores got Rs. The year 2019-20 In Laah (2437353)And Aleah (34505) From The total 2471861 metric Ton scrap Removed And 4339.52 Karad Earned there last year ie 2020-21(18 March 2021 By) Iron (1999173) And Non-ferrous (38810) From 20 lakhs 37 thousand 983 metric tons of scrap came out of which Indian Railways earned an income of Rs 4217.8 crores.

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