Infosys will consider share buyback on April 14, results may also come on the same day

The company's revenue in the fourth quarter is expected to be Rs 26,397.90 crore.

The company’s revenue in the fourth quarter is expected to be Rs 26,397.90 crore.

In the week ending April 9, Infosys became the fourth Indian company to cross the Rs 6 lakh crore mark in terms of market cap. Infosys shares have risen by 141 per cent in the last one year.

New Delhi. country Of IT Sector Of The big Company Infosys (Infosys) has Sunday Told that 14 April To Having Wali mine Meeting In company Of Board Phuli treeUp Equity Shares Of Boyback (Buyback) On idea Will do. company has One Filing In Information Giving Have been Told That Boyback Of this Proposal SEBI (SEBI) Of ByeBack Off Securities Regulation 2018 Of Under Brought Go Stayed is. I know That Infosys Of March Quarter Of The result 14 April To To come The ones Huh. 15 Analyst Of between Made it went Bloomberg Of One Poll Of According to, The fourth Quarter In company Of Earnings 26,397.90 Crore Rupees Stay Can is. There itself this Period In its The profits 5,168.30 Crore Rupees Stay can is.

m-cap 6,13,854.71 Crore Rupees On come Gone

last Week Infosys Of m-cap 23,625.36 Crore From Rs increase 6,13,854.71 Crore Rupees On come Gone. last Week Infosys Of share 0.66 Percent Of Growth Hui was And 1,440.75 Rupees Per share On Close Have been Were. last Week only BSE In 438.51 Points i.e 0.87 Percent Of The fall To see To Got was. 9 April To Over Have been Week Infosys in The fourth One Such Indian company Made was, Whosoever market Cap Of In terms of From 6 lakh Crore Rupees Of Difference Beyond did Was Infosys Of Shares In last One year In 141 Percent Of Growth Hui is. while 2021 In Now By this share In 12 Percent Of Growth Hui is.

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Catmaren Ventures Startups In Investment Tax doing is

Early in the month of April, it was also reported that Rattan Bye Of Kind Infosys Of The cofounded by N R Narayan cculpture Of Private Investment company Catmaren Ventures (Catmaren Ventures) Startups In Investment Tax doing is. Catmaren B2B ECommerce Forum And Startups From Unicorn Made The flight (Udaan) In Investment Of for chit chat Tax doing is. The business Universe Of The sources Of According to Catmaren Of Plan The flight In 80 From 100 Crore Rupees Of Investment To do Of is. this Investment Secondary Path Of Will happen. i.e in this The employees Of Shares Of Purchase Of Via Investment did Will go. The sources has Told That this About In chit chat In advance The stage In is. this The deal The next some Week In whole Having Of expectation is. this About In Catmaren Ventures To Send went Esimilarity Of answer No met.

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