Daughter Nyasa Devgan performs a bang dance on Kajol’s song

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @kajol / Twitter @ajaydevgn)

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @kajol / Twitter @ajaydevgn)

Ajay Devgn (Ajya Devgn) and daughter of famous actress Kajol (Naja Devgn) are going to be 18 years old soon.

New Delhi. Daughter of Bollywood veteran actor Ajay Devgn and famous actress Kajol Nyasa Devgn (Nysa Devgn) Soon to be 18 years old. On April 20, Nyasa will celebrate her 18th birthday. Let me tell you, pictures and videos of Nyasa go viral on social media. Meanwhile, a new video of Nyasa has surfaced on the internet, in which she is seen dancing to the songs of her mother Kajol.

In this viral video, Nyasa is first seen dancing with her group on Kajol’s superhit songs ‘Bole Chudiyaan’, ‘Sajda’ and ‘Tere Naina’. At the end of the video, Nisa has done a bang dance on Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s song ‘Nagada’. On social media, people are now praising this performance of Ajay Devan’s daughter. Come, see the video of this dance of Nyasa going viral …

Let me tell you, Nyasa may be a star kid, but she lives far away from the limelight. She rarely appears anywhere with her father or mother, but on social media, Kajol keeps sharing pictures of her daughter on the day of arrival, which is engulfed on the Internet. Let me tell you, Ajay Devgan is very protective for his children Nyasa and son Yug.

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