Private bank lags in account of Jan Dhan account, government banks 3 crores of private accounts only 55 thousand accounts

  Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was launched in August 2014

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was launched in August 2014

Private banks are less interested in taking Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana, one of the ambitious schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi).

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Medi (PM Narendra Modi) One of the ambitious plans of PM Jandhan (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana) Private banks have proved to be laggards in opening accounts. More than 42 crores of Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in the country till 31 March 2021, but the participation of private banks in this is very less. According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, in the last financial year i.e., 2020-21, the government banks (Govt bank) ate about 3 crores of Jan Dhan accounts and the private banks ate only 55,000 accounts. Not only this, this number was also less than 50,000 from the previous financial year. Private banks are less interested in this scheme, which is very important for government schemes. Please tell that under the National Financial Inclusion Mission, the Prime MinisterDhan Yojana starts August, 2014 I was in.

This is why private banks also survive

Anupam Trivedi, who is an expert in banking matters, says that according to the rules of the government, one person can open only one Jan Dhan account. In such a situation, if he goes somewhere else, his account cannot be opened there. Even in this situation, banks are not able to open Jan-Dhan account. However, this is rarely done. Another reason is that private banks avoid account of Jan Dhan account due to expensive expenditure. First, it has to be played on cumin balance and secondly it is not allowed to charge for any service. PMJDY There is no need to maintain minimum balance in accounts opened under. although, If you want the facility of checkbook then you have to maintain minimum balance..

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Jan Dhan Accounts in this much The money

Talk according to the report of the money deposited in these Jan Dhan accounts 41 Karad 75 In lakh accounts 27 January 2021 Up to 1 lakh 37 Thousand 755 The amount of crores of rupees has been deposited. There is no compulsion to keep minimum balance in this account and every citizen of India can open their account under this scheme..

What is Jan Dhan Eat up Of Benefits

Jan Dhan account is also like a savings account. Along with the government guarantee, it also offers some different benefits.. You can get your bank account converted into Jan Dhan account through one of your forms.. One of the major advantages of Jan Dhan account is that You can add extra from your account via overdraft 10,000 Can withdraw up to Rs. although This facility is available only after proper maintenance of Jan Dhan account for a few months..The person who opens the Jan Dhan account is given a RuPay Debit Card from which he can withdraw money from the account or make a purchase.. In addition, insurance through Jan Dhan account, Easy to buy pension products.Money comes directly into the account of the benefits of government schemes.

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More women accounts

According to another report of the Ministry of Finance, which came in February 2021 27 January 2021 Up to 41 Karad 75 Lac accounts were eaten out of which women 23 Karad 12 lakh 26 Thousand 199 Eat while men 18 Karad 62 lakh 72 Thousand 077 Used to eat. Now this number 42 March is over more than a million 2021 By. It is to be seen that in this context, the share of women in the beneficiaries of this scheme is more than fifty percent.. Under this scheme, one lakh rupees underlying accident insurance is given by the government on account of account opening.. Also the form of account holdersGet card also.

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