Special trains will run from Pune to Gorakhpur and Lucknow, get the reservation done immediately, will the berth not become full? Know everything before the trip

New Delhi. The condition of Corona in Maharashtra (Maharashtra) and especially in Mumbai (Mumbai) is very bad. In such a situation, strict steps are also being taken regarding the movement of the railways. It has been decided by the Railways to operate special trains from Gorakhpur and Lucknow to Pune.

The coaches of all these trains will be reserved category. At the same time, the passengers have been ordered to strictly follow the Kovid-19 standards. The Ministry of Railways is also continuously ordering the passengers to strictly follow the Covid Guidelines during the journey.

At the same time, it is being appealed to the passengers who travel that there is no need to increase unnecessary crowds at railway stations. The traveling passengers only reached the stations.

According to the railway spokesperson, 01431/01432 Pune-Gorakhpur-Pune and 01437/01438 Pune-Lucknow JN-Pune air-conditioned special trains will be operated. 01431 Pune-Gorakhpur special train from Pune on April 13, 20 and 27, 2021 at 11.15 am Departure Daund Card Line at 12.25 pm, Ahmednagar at 13.40, Kopargaon at 16.00, Manmad at 17.25, Bhusaval at 19.55, Khandwa at 23.45, second day at Itarsi at 02.15, Bhopal at 04.30, Bina at 06.45 , Leaving Jhansi at 08.55 hrs, Kanpur Central at 13.30 hrs, Lucknow at 15.05 hrs, Gonda at 17.05 hrs and Basti at 18.23 hrs and will reach Gorakhpur at 20.00 hrs.

Whereas 01432 Gorakhpur-Pune special train departed from Gorakhpur at 22.40 hrs on 14, 21 and 28 April 2021 from Basti at 23.43 hrs, Gonda at 01.45 hrs on second day, Lucknow at 04.40 hrs, Kanpur at 06.15 hrs, Jhansi at 11.00 hrs, Bina. 13.05 am to Bhopal, 15.20 hrs. Itarsi to 17.35 hrs., Khandwa to 19.58 hrs., Bhusaval to 21.45 hrs., Third day to Manmad 00.20 hrs., Kopargaon 01.25 hrs., Ahmednagar to 03.05 hrs. And Daund card line to Pune 06.25 hrs. Will arrive at

In this special trains, a total of 18 LHBs, including 06 air-conditioned class III, sleeper class 06, ordinary second 04 and generator-cum-coach 2 coaches. Coaches will be installed.

01437 Pune-Lucknow Jn. The air-conditioned special train departed from Pune at 20.20 hrs on April 12, 19 and 26, 2021 at 21.27 hrs from Daund card line, 22.48 hrs from Ahmednagar, 00.32 hrs from Kopargaon on second day, 01.55 hrs from Manmad, 04.25 hrs from Bhusaval, 09.10 from Itarsi. At 11.25 am from Bhopal, 13.45 hrs from Bina, 15.55 hrs from Jhansi and 20.40 hrs from Kanpur Central, Lucknow will arrive at 22.05 hrs.

While 01438 Lucknow-Pune air-conditioned special train on 14, 21 and 28 April, 2021, Lucknow Jn. Departing from Kanpur at 00.45 hrs. From Kanpur at 02.20 hrs., Jhansi at 07.05 hrs., Bina at 09.10 hrs., Bhopal at 11.25 hrs., Itarsi at 14.05 hrs., Bhusaval at 19.05 hrs., Manmad at 22.30 hrs., Kopargaon at 23.40 hrs., The second day from Ahmednagar at 02.13. Will leave Pune at 04.00 hrs and from Daund card line and reach Pune at 05.30 hrs.

In this special trains, a total of 15 LHBs including 13 air-conditioned third class and 02 coaches of generator cum luggage vehicle. Coaches will be installed.

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