Corona Protocol’s Udi Dhazar, Thermal Screening Unseen, Devotees Avoiding Mask, 102 Positive | Corona Guidelines not being followed properly in Haridwar Mahakumbh 102 devotees corona positive nodark

The fear of Corona is not seen in Haridwar Mahakumbh.

The fear of Corona is not seen in Haridwar Mahakumbh.

Around 31 devotees took a royal bath on Monday on Somavati Amavasya at Haridwar Mahakumbh 2021. During this time, the corona guidelines appeared to be flying.

Haridwar. Of course, the rising pace of corona infection is visible in the entire country including Uttarakhand, but its effect is seen in Haridwar Mahakumbh. Actually, millions of devotees are reaching Kumbh forgetting the rules of Mask, Social Distance and Corona. Not only this, during this time the Uttarakhand government also has to struggle hard to follow the rules of Thermal Screening and Mask. While the Mela administration is proving to be a failure at this point. However, CM Tirath Singh Rawat has claimed that the state government has fully followed the Korana guidelines issued by the Center during the Shahi Snan.

According to the Kumbh Mela police control room, more than 31 lakh devotees attended the second royal bath on Monday. According to the Health Department, during this period, corona test of 18169 devotees was conducted from 11:30 am to 5 pm on Monday night, out of which 102 positives have been found.
Apart from this, the system of thermal screening of the fair administration was missing. While devotees are not wearing masks despite monitoring of CCTV cameras. Not only this, according to a devotee coming from Agra in UP, at the check point on the UP-Uttarakhand border, the necessary screening was done in addition to seeing his corona negative report, but nothing like this is happening in the fair area.

Uttarakhand DGP said this Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar said on the second Shahi Snan of Mahakumbh, ‘Our whole effort is to follow the guidelines of Corona as far as possible. This is also a big challenge for the Uttarakhand Police in terms of security. Due to Kovid, 50 percent of the people who were expected to have come.

13 amphitheater landed in the Ganges

On the day of Shahi Snan, 13 akharas descended to take a bath in the Ganges. During this time, the Mela administration had made elaborate security arrangements. These are the 7 Saints Arena, 3 Bairagi Arena and 3 Vaishnava Arena. All of them took a bath at Brahmakund. The saints of Niranjani Akhara took the royal bath first. Whereas the saints of Shri Nirmal Akhara got the last chance. Brahmkund was opened for other devotees to bathe only after the Akhada was bathed.

CM rages on comparing Kumbh with Mark
In Kumbh, a large number of devotees took a royal bath on Somvati Amavasya on Monday. Photos of the crowd gathered at the ghats during the royal bath became fiercely viral on social media. People also criticized it by comparing it to the Markaz at the Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi in 2020. But Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Singh Rawat gave it a smooth answer during the press conference and said that Kumbh cannot be compared to Markaz. He said that Markaz was inside a hall. People used to sleep in the same hall. There are 16 ghats in Kumbh. Not only Haridwar, Kumbh extends from Rishikesh to Neelkanth. People are taking bath at a right place and there is a time limit for this as well. How can it be compared with Markaz?

Apart from this, the CM said during the conference on Monday that the royal bath on Somavati Amavasya has been completely successful and there was complete support of the Sant Samaj. At the same time, he said that the kind of facilities that the sage saints wanted were all provided. CM Rawat also thanked the officials and media during this time.

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