Devotees showered crores of notes on the saint, sacks had to be collected to collect panso

In Haridwar, business devotees of Gujarat have blown away millions of rupees notes on saints.

In Haridwar, business devotees of Gujarat have blown away millions of rupees notes on saints.

Business devotees who arrived at Haridwar Mahakumbh from Gujarat flew notes worth more than two crore rupees over the saints in Bhajan Sandhya. After this, sacks had to be called to collect the notes.

Pulkit Shukla

Haridwar. In Haridwar Mahakumbh fair, new scenes of faith and zeal are being seen. In the Mahasangam Kumbh of devotion, as many unique saints have reached the Mahatma, as many unique devotees are also reaching the Kumbh Mela to seek the blessings of saints and saints. At the same time, the video of devotees coming from Gujarat (Gujrat) at Kumbh Mela raining notes on the saint has gone viral.

The viral video is of an ongoing Bhajan Sandhya program at the Bairagi Camp of Kumbh Mela. In the satsang of Mahamandaleshwar Kaniram Bapu of Shri Pancha Nirmohi Akhara, his devotees are seen raining money. It is being told that business devotees from Gujarat have showered more than two crore rupees notes on the saint. This money rains continued for a long time, after which Boria Mangwani had to ask for these notes to be collected. In Bhajan Sandhya, the famous hymn singer Geetaben Rabari sang hymns.

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