‘Khanzada’ recounting the history of Mewat and the saga of Mewati characters

Got a chance to read Bhagwandas Morwal’s new book ‘Khanzada’. Khanzada has a saga of Mewatis. Before discussing the book, it is necessary to mention that till now my information about ‘Mewat’ was limited to a particular area of ​​Haryana. Knew that the area of ​​Mewat also comes in Bharatpur in Rajasthan and Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. A few days ago, a news was made about ‘Mewat becoming the hub of cyber thugs in the country’, and a news was ‘The population of Hindus is decreasing in the villages of Mewat’.

Yes, another word related to Mewat is ‘Meo’. My knowledge about Meo too was so great that there is a village in Mathura district. This is our aunt’s aunt. At home, we have often heard that Dosaras is a village of dry fruits and dry fruits are very dangerous. Their main occupation is cheating and looting.

The history of Mewat is ‘Khanzada’
Now talk of ‘Khanzada’. As the pages of this book of Bhagwandas Morwal written on the historical background began to explode, the treasury of the shocking information about Mewat and Meo began to disintegrate. A lot was read and written about the Mughal rulers in Delhi. Not knowing how many rulers have come and gone on the throne of Delhi, but Mewat has also played a big role in the center of this Delhi’s politics. There is very little mention of it in history. Through ‘Khanzada’, there is a great effort to get the events related to Mewat and the heroes there out of the darkness of oblivion.

Through Khanzada, Morwal has tried to expose the makers of history who have disappeared in the haze of time.

This novel tells the story of the settlers and ruins of the princely states of Mewat and Braj region along with the Sultanates around Delhi. The historical background of countless villages including Tijara, Bharatpur, Kaman and Daurala villages has been carved in a very lively manner.

The author has highlighted the little known aspect of Indian history by entering the history of Mewat and historical characters like Hassan Khan Mewati in this novel.

Reading this novel, you will go through those bumpy and unknown trails of history where you will find interesting accompaniment of history, imagination and storytelling.

Regarding Khanzada published from ‘Rajkamal’, author Bhagwandas Morwal himself believes that he considers ‘Khanzada’ a narrative of untargeted and unnamed heroes who are mentioned in history but never discussed.

This novel covering almost 400 years of country, hasan Khan Mewati or Rajput Muslims whose ancestors were awarded the title of Khanzada by Amir Timur Lang. This book also makes its readers aware of the political and power struggles of that period.

Through Khanzada, Bhagwandas Morwal has given history a new dimension with his writing. This novel narrates the saga of the Mewatis who fought the famous dynasties of Indian history like Tughlaq, Sadat, Lodi and Mughal. The roots of the Tehzeeb can be seen in it, which was further called Ganga Jamuni and which is the basic feature of Indian society and culture.

Book excerpt
“Amir Timur Lung embracing Bahadur Nahar said, Bahadur Nahar, we are so happy with your gift that from today we will call you in the name of Bahadur Nahar Khan instead of Bahadur Nahar but also from Khanzada’s title Are welcome From today your family will be called Khanzada.
“Khanzada begins from the latter part of the fourteenth century.” The reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq, the ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty, in the middle of the fourteenth century and the Dehli sultanate. Mewat was located sixty miles away from Dehli. First the looting and torture of the people in Mewat by the Badgujars. Then the daily sacrifices of the Shudras by the Nikumbhas. Later, news of the robbery and atrocities on the public on the day of Mewar with both brothers Shauparpal and Samarpal started reaching the Delhi court.
In this way, Kuldeepak of Abdurrahim Na was also extinguished by Bairam Khan’s son and Khanzadon or, say, Shahe-Mewat Hasan Khan Mewati’s cousin, Jamal Khan’s younger daughter Salima. A Kuldeepak whose blood ran through half Turkman Muslim and half Hindu Rajput in the veins. In whose Hindu tongue, the mixed sweetness of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Sanskrit, Hindi, Braj and Mewati was dissolved. The burial of two hundred and seventy-year-old Mewatis, the evidence of which is not easily found even when we search on the murky pages of history. ”

Author introduction
Bhagwandas Morwal was born on 23 January 1960 in Nagina town of Mewat district, Haryana. Yours including ‘Halala’, ‘Babal Tera Des Mein’, ‘Sand’, ‘Hell Messiah’, ‘Sur Banjaran’, ‘Wanchana’, ‘Shakuntika’, ‘Black Mountain’ ‘Stitched Man’, ‘Before Sunset’ All the compositions have been discussed.

Book – Khanzada
Author- Bhagwandas Morwal
Publisher- Rajkamal Publications
Price- Rs 399

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