LPG Gas Cylinder: Customers get 50 lakhs on gas cylinders, know how to avail

New Delhi: LPG Gas Cylinder offers customers a wide range of facilities. Petroleum companies also provide personal accident cover to the customer. If you also use gas cylinders, then first of all, know that you get the benefit of insurance of 50 lakh rupees from the government oil companies. Explain that in case of gas leakage or blast, you can take advantage of this facility.

Petroleum companies have partnerships with insurance companies for this insurance. Currently, insurance on LPG connection of Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum is through ICICI Lombard.

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How will you get a claim of 50 lakhs on a gas cylinder?>> According to myLPG.in (http://mylpg.in), as soon as a person takes an LPG connection, if the person gets an accident from the cylinder they get, then that person is entitled to insurance up to Rs 50 lakh is.

>> Up to a maximum of Rs 50 lakh compensation can be given on an accident. Each person suffering from the accident can be given a maximum compensation of Rs 10 lakh.

>> To get insurance cover of LPG cylinder, the customer has to immediately inform about the accident to the nearest police station and its LPG distributor.

>> PSU oil marketing companies like Indian Oil, HPC and BPC distributors have to take insurance policy for accidents including third party insurance cover for individuals and properties.

>> They are not in the name of an individual customer, but every customer is covered in this policy. For this, he does not have to pay any premium.

>> Keep a copy of FIR, prescription for medical treatment and medical bills of the injured and postmortem report on death, death certificate.

>> In case of accident, compensation is claimed on behalf of the distributor. The insurance company deposits the claim amount with the concerned distributor and from here it reaches the customer.

In case of an accident with a gas cylinder, first of all a police report has to be filed. After this, the concerned area office investigates what is causing the accident. If the accident is an LPG accident, then the LPG distributor agency / area office will inform the insurance office’s local office about it. After this, the claim file is filed with the concerned insurance company. The customer does not have to apply or contact the insurance company directly for the claim.

Have to give certificate
In the event of death of someone in an LPG accident, the petroleum company of LPG cylinder has to submit the original copy of the death certificate and post mortem report of the deceased.

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LPG Cylinder Price
At the moment, talk about the price of LPG cylinder, it varies from state to state, Rs 809.00 in Delhi, Rs 835.50 in Kolkata, Mumbai Rs 809.00, Chennai 825.00 rupees, Gurugram Rs 818.00, Noida 807.00 rupees, Bengaluru Rs 812.00, Bhubaneswar Rs 835.50, Chandigarh Rs 818.50, Hyderabad Rs 861.50, Jaipur Rs 813.00, Lucknow Rs 847.00, Patna Rs 907.50, Thiruvananthapuram Rs 818.50.

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